Ufos, Intelligent Alien Life, And Alien Life In General

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    I was bored/high, so naturally, thoughts about the universe have been flooding my brain. I often think about the possibilities of alien life somewhere out there in the cosmos. In my opinion, there probably is life out there, but it's not the well known version created by pop-culture.
    First of all, let's discuss UFOs. The one thing you need to remember is what UFO stands for (UNIDENTIFIED flying object). The word "unidentified" literally means that it could be anything. Therefore, whenever you hear a UFO story or see a UFO, you shouldn't immediately assume it's an advanced alien creature from another planet. That being said, I have heard some incredible UFO stories from friends and family, which, had I seen it myself, I probably would've assumed I was witnessing extraterrestrials as well. My only problem is, I've never actually witnessed anything similar. Obviously my personal experience doesn't trump yours, but neither does yours, mine. Eye witness stories, convincing as they may be, and as true to the author as the air they breathe, cannot be proven or disproven. Our memories, though we love to give ourselves more credit than we deserve, are very shitty. One thing which might explain UFO sightings (which has also been a possible explanation for alien abduction stories) is DMT, as it is produced within our brain and is responsible for dreams. People claiming to have been abducted, for instance, could've just been experiencing sleep paralysis: a state of being simultaneously awake and dreaming, and not being able to move. Essentially, you're experiencing a DMT trip naturally, but you believe what you're seeing is real. If this is true, then the idea that seeing lights in the sky might just be a hallucination doesn't seem like too far of a stretch. The only thing which makes me skeptical of my own skepticism are simultaneous eyewitness accounts by multiple people. Then again, people have simultaneously hallucinated the same things on unmentionables before... (ex. Terrence and Dennis McKenna)
    Despite my skepticism, I truly believe there is life other than the life on our little rock called Earth. When I simply just contemplate the vastness of our universe, and the number of stars just like ours within it, it seems impossible that life would only appear on one little planet. There must be life of some kind, somewhere out there. I also believe life was brought here to Earth from somewhere else in the universe, but I don't believe it was sent here by alien beings. More likely in an asteroid or something of the sort. There also, is probably life out there more advanced and intelligent than us. I use Neil Degrasse Tyson's explanation. The difference between a human's DNA and an ape's DNA is a mere 2%. That 2% difference is responsible for everything which makes us human, yet humans are a far more advanced species, especially our minds. That 2% difference is what allows me to form thoughts in my head, type them, and post them on a forum. A 2% difference in DNA is what allows you to read it and understand it and form your own thoughts and opinions. If such a small difference in DNA is what separates "intelligent" humans from primitive apes, what makes us question the possibility that far more advanced life exists? 
    However, bug-eyed, green men in flying saucers probably don't exist. Think about the variety of life which exists or has ever existed on Earth. Evolution has created a plethora of species of plants and animals. We look nothing like the life we're related to. Why the fuck would life from another planet in another galaxy look even remotely similar to us? I don't know what kind of life is out there, but I'm almost certain it would be completely unrecognizable to us if we saw it, and wouldn't have nearly as much interest in us as our egos lead us to believe.
    What are your thoughts?

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    Life is foundd everywhere on earth. Weather it's microscopic buggers living in extremely hot boiling water to things living unbelievablely freezing temps you will find life. On land or the ocean which are like other worlds there's life. So why not on other planets? Seems silly to doubt
  3. And fuck you iPhone making me misspell words.
    I know exactly what you mean bro. were so fucking small. Like so small there could be a universe under one of our fingernails. Our brains could be just little antennas feeding off energy throughout the universe. We think we know so much which is true to an extent. But when it comes to the universe and things so microscopically small that we cant even see them with our technology...we just dont know that much at all my dude. 
    I really reccomend you take a look at this video its only 10 minutes but it always blows my mind and puts me in a good place. Im really into thinking and talking about subjects that we cant even comprehend and Im also highly interested in the unknown. At this point in time it is CERTAIN that ADVANCED alien life is out there somewhere. The universe is forever expanding. Here at earth we are used to everything having a beginning, growing up, and then coming to an end (death). All rules go out the window when you start talking about the universe because we simply dont know anything about it. We know information here and there but imagine all the shit that is around us that we cant even SEE like physically we are unable to process some of the shit around us. So yeah this shit totally just fucks with my head and a lot of it is highlighted in this Joe Rogan clip. He's like a modern day Terrence Mckenna.

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