UFO's in Mexico

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Zeppelin Joint, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Anyone ever see that pretty recent footage of thoes UFO fleets over like Mexico City and a few other big Mexico cities. These aren't fake, you can't fake a fleet of over a 100 UFO's over one of the biggest cities in the world. Plus fleets of th exact same description have been seent through out the world in the past half year.


    Excluding the alien pics that are kinda sketchy and i don't wanna hear a million things about them but tell the forum what your thoughts are on thoes crafts. Watch the whole thing if you go the time, no one i know has thought they were fake, and they call every other example of a ufo fake (same with me till my buddy showed me this and it blew me away).

    what are your thoughts for the end of the Mayan callender in 2012. Maybe the UFO's are in Mexico because of the Mayans, they might have been their a long time agoe and are here now to try and warn them because maybe it's an event or change that the Mayans only know about.

    or UFO's are just here to fuck with us, why not when you can go anywhere. I'd so harass some seemingly unintelligent aliens or buzz their planes for something to do if i was all super advanced with super advanced technology and a little space ship. But they could just be here to watch us and show their society what a fucked up collection of the same species all killing eachother and moving arround in peices of steel that leave a trail of gas that could kill the very peole who developed it.
  2. I think it's impossible, there is absolutley no way that there CAN'T life in our galaxy, much less universe. It may take very specific conditions for our forms of organic life to exist, but consider the trillions upon trillions of galaxies, each with billions of solar systems, each with dozens of planets.

    It's not a question of IF they exists, but where and if we'll ever find them. It's such a hughley vast expanse, and at this point, we have no way to know (minus SETI).

    There are several theories, including government cover-up, government cohertion, etc. Those theories are usually labled conspiracy and are shut down by preconception. They have some valid arguments, though it may be far fetched. (I.e. Alien Autospy, Roswell, etc.) the evidence exists but has just been thoroughly discredited by the 4th branch of the government; media.

    The reality is, SETI for whatever reason has turned up nothing. Meaning there is nothing remotley close to us. Weather you think this is the truth or conspiracy, is up to you.

    These 'aliens' have no made their presence known, for whatever reasons, suggesting the worst: government cohesion or the non existance.

    The reality is, that based on current technology and perspective technology; interstellar travel is absolutley impossible. We won't be exploring outside our solar system unless radical scientific descoveries are made. This is not to say that sentient alien beings could not. Who knows how advanced or primitive they may be.

    Life exists out there, beyond us. The likley hood that we will ever find even evidence of this is as unlikley as the universe is vast.
  3. I beleive that in every galaxy there is one planet advanced like us(at least). There is way too much space for there not to be other life. What makes us so special?
  4. That was a crazy video man. I really do believe thats theres somebody out there. I was tuning inand dropping out the whole time. Fading in... and out.... Dam That was intense. WEll i want meet a alien and smoke it out and get stoned with it. It would be saick and what If they had some dank bud man? Some out of this galaxy bud! Wonmder how they grow out there . Maybe theres a hyrdo growing planet out there? Well till later. Im gonna get that vidoe somemore hits. Thatwas crazy!

  5. You would have to be pretty ignorant to say we were the only inteligent life out there. I think its only a matter of time before some sort of contact is made. Some nights when its clear out, I just blaze and stare at the sky for hours thinking about what might be out there.

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