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  1. I don't know what you believe but for me aliens exist! I remember as a child my momma, bub and I where going home. We were in my mom's car and it had a moonroof in it. The night was dark and we was almost home... out of no where we all saw it, it was huge! It was just like the cylinder ones on shows. It was lined completely with lights. The craft zoomed almost like it jumped from one place to another then it was gone. It was crazy and I know what we saw that night was the real deal.

    Why cover up that aliens exist? Most people believe in them anyways, so what's the big secret?

    Do you have any stories about things you've seen? Pix welcome!

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  2. No concrete evidence, but I still got freaked out. When I was about 15 or 16 I would stay at my friend's house and we'd sneak out in the wee hours of the morn to go be hoodlums and steal bikes for whatever reason lol. Anyway as we were on approach to the house he chose, the sky flashed in a similar way that it does at the crack of lightning, only no thunder was heard (not a sound was heard any of the times it happened) and this happened about 6 times in total, 3 on the way to the house, 2 while screwing around with our illicitly acquired bikes, and once just before returning them. It's always freaked me out to this day, but no natural phenomenon has been able to explain it up to this point. Being the sketchy "good boy" I was at the time, I was thinking that someone was taking pictures of us stealing the bikes, but using a SUPER bright flash or something.
  3. The Canadian minister of defense said we have been in contact with aliens for years.
    He stated that 4 different races live among us. The tall whites, the greys, lizards, and another type. With two species already in government.
    You would have to be crazy in a universe this huge to think aliens dont exist.

    The reason they dont come out and announce themselves I would assume is because of panic and fear.

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  4. You can have electrical storms that dont involve thunder. Also known as sheet lightening

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  5. I think we are all from somewhere else. Kinda crazy to think of them amongst us but honestly wouldn't surprise me one bit.

    I've read a few stories about abduction and sightings. Its pretty intense but sometimes I wonder if some of these people are full of shit or not.

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  6. I recently finished the Complete Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and that made me think of it.
    I'd believe that if evolution didn't do as great of a job as it currently does at proving we're from Earth.
    On a side note: even though all the people on Ancient Aliens seem to look like crackpots, I do firmly believe that ancient humans saw lots of alien contact. All the ancient texts citing Flaming Sky Chariots and other similar phenomena sound to me like their best go at describing an alien craft. People ask why they don't return? If they visited a few thousand years ago while people were primitive then they likely wouldn't expect us to evolve much further in the short amount of time (I mean in terms of technology). My other theory behind the Ancient Alien shit is that rather than other beings visiting Earth, I believe maybe some proto-human species developed intelligence long before humans were at the top of the food chain and eventually left our planet either as a species, or the rest of their theoretical race was killed off (see Neanderthals). The second idea comes from my memory of playing Chrono Trigger, most specifically the part during the Dark Ages when there's humans living in caves and these "Enlightened Ones" Living in a sky-city of sorts
  7. When I was 16 some friends and I were cruising outside of town as usual smoking bowls in my car. We would usually find a place behind an old abandoned barn and chill looking at the stars. One night we see some fucked up lights moving in straight lines, then stopping, then taking off again really fast. Just darting all the fuck around, we couldn't believe what we were seeing. Other people saw it too because it was in the paper the next day about eye witnesses seeing a ufo. But yeah, that's the closest I've ever been. 
  8. Maybe that has something to do with why I always hear the conspiracy stoners spouting about (aside from the usual Illuminati, Masonic Order, and other crap) "Reptillians" in the White House? Apparently a race of Reptilians left Mars before it was all dusty and sad, coming to Earth and basically ruling all major world powers since. Also Obama is apparently a Reptilian, as is any other political figure that said crackpot dislikes at the moment
  9. Haha those people on ancient aliens are aliens man. Especially that dude with the crazy hair and talks with his hands o and the old guy that blinks ALOT!

    They were here in ancient Egypt they had to be! The inscriptions in the walls had ufos, blimps, planes... it's to hard to ignore that. Also the inscriptions of the pharaohs with elongated skulls. Why would they depict a leader that way if it wasn't how he really was?

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  10. I get what you mean, look at white people. Where the fuck did they come from and how did they take over the world? Unless it is literally a RACE...
    On another note, if aliens did abduct people, couldn't they also alter our DNA? Maybe even change some of the traits in who we are.

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  11. I can see that lol

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  12. Race along humans always baffles me anyways... why do we look so different but share the same dna and separated on different continents? Lol idk if that's weird to you but just has me thinking hahaha.

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    Ya its strange! Maybe people who lived closer to the sun inherited a darker skin through evolution.
    Having intercourse with people of the same structure would also create more humans of the same look, or could take on another look with the mating of a deformality.
    Life's wierd but we gotta figure it out soon.

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  14. I never understood what caused white people to look so different from the rest of humanity, but a friend came up with a good theory:
    The lighter skinned white men of colder climates of Europe likely interbred with Neanderthals until a dominant human hybrid was all that remained of the recessive Neanderthal race (Hence the more distinct brow on white people). Conversely, the reason Asian and African people have more rounded faces is (maybe) because of the fact that they didn't interbreed with neanderthals, thus essentially being more "pure" humans. It could certainly describe some of the physical differences.
    As for why white people tended to rule the majority of the world?
    I am white, and no I'm not racist or pro-white or whatnot, but I believe that the harsher climate conditions of Europe caused the lighter skinned humans dwelling there to have to essentially fight "harder" for their survival there. One may note that much African culture remained very primitive seeming to the very day they were conquered by white men. I think that's because Africa is a very warm, friendly climate area where humans evolved, meaning that humans may not have had to struggle for survival there as much. Northward, in Europe, the distinct weather conditions basically forced humans to move beyond the whole "fire for warmth" technology and delve into more advanced clothing and housing. That's just my take on it though, it could all be entirely wrong and I don't think I'd be upset in the slightest lol.
    TL;DR: I think white people are a human-neanderthal hybrid with dominant human traits, and that white people evolved due to the constant struggle of dealing with harsher climate conditions
  15. It is fucking nuts, it leaves the mind to wonder.

    Its also weird to think that we could be like microscopic and just a piece of another being in a whole other world... nothing is certain because we don't have the technology. (Hightalk)

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  16. That's a pretty intelligent hypothesis sir

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  17. Sorry for going all sciency-wall-of-text on you all, but if I am understanding this right then it can be explained with genetic patterns.
    In genetics, traditionally a son will inherit primarily maternal traits, and vice versa for a daughter. This means that genetic patterns in family lines do a sort of zigzag. This is best explained with an example, that example being me: I inherited many defining traits from my mom, who got many of hers from her dad. This means that I indirectly inherited a lot of my maternal Grandpa's genes. The reason I'm a great example of it is because about a year ago my family pulled out a picture of who I thought was me (looked almost exactly the same), but really was my grandpa when he was my age. Our physical similarities were so, well, similar that it was almost uncanny. Other traits I indirectly inherited were his intelligence and incredible capacity for logic, which my mom naturally also shares.
  18. That makes sense, I understand your view completely!
    What gets me is, who were these neanderthal people? Where did they come, and why was there a period where we lived among them?
    Also the Egyptians and the pyramids and their understanding of astronomical beliefs and alignments were mind boggling. What did humans know before us...

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  19. It's also weird how some traits are stronger than others. I look like my mom did when she was my age, but I'm taller than her I'm 5'7 and she is hardly 5 foot even. I have blond hair and blue eyes my brother has black hair brown eyes darker skin tone but also resembles my mom more than dad. But he got his dark hair eyes and skin. I think it's weird how we came from the same parents why are we so different?

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  20. That question burns my mind like no other. I always feel like legends and myths are actually true stories of ancient humans. A good example is magic: maybe humans used to be able to harness it but lost the ability at some point in time? 
    To answer your question though: Neanderthals were our closest genetic relatives. They inhabited the earth at the same time as homosapiens did (mostly during the last ice age), and the only things that made them different than us in appearance was their distinct, defined brow, abundance of body hair, and often more muscular build. The neanderthals all died out long before recorded history, however, so all we know of them is from bones and such found. I semi-recently watched a show that pointed out that the Philistines (giant people in the promised land, also Goliath from the classic David and Goliath tale) from the Bible may have actually existed as well, only to be killed off by yours truly like all our other relatives. In the end we learned that humans like dominance

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