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  1. You will be some of the first people to see these photographs other than some of my close friends. My computer and internet access was restored today and these pictures were just now uploaded and have never been manipulated.

    To provide some background information, I am in the mountains near Mt Rainer with a crazy bitch that is into letting off led balloons you will see in the photos. She claims to have witnessed what I have photographed on a few occasions previously and says it is a government... unfortunately, it shows up as little more than a blurr in photograph however I will forever have the memory of this "device" descended upon us to seemingly investigate the balloons shortly after they were let sail to rest no further than the top of that pine tree... lol


    The first sighting of the thing..it is the brightest dot in the sky posing as a star.

    Led balloon fake ufo


    There are other photos but these are the best...
  2. wonder how long till some :cool::cool::cool: MIB show up on my doorstep i was apprehensive about posting this shit but let it be known
  3. aw yeah ETA's :metal:
  4. So what was it?

  5. [​IMG]
  6. every UFO in the universe is a helicopter
  7. 10-4, aye aye captain, yes sir. haha:wave::smoking:
  8. you could never prove ufo's with photographs like that! i could take better photographs of "ufo's" sitting under power lines pretending that blinking red light was a ET
  9. You must have forgot to read the opening paragraph..

    I am not here to prove anything to anyone and quite frankly I don't give two fucks if not a single person here believe's me. The object in question clearly moves relative to the fixed position of the balloons.

    The most interesting thing up until I put the photographs online I always thought it was only one object but you can see the second smaller gray dot near by.

    It is what it is.

  10. C'mon guys, when I read the title of this thread I was stoked to be scared shitless on a trip to outer space, this thread needs more photos to be cool
  11. Oh come on excuse me that i didn't have a super high definition camera and didn't capture a better or more photographs.... i wasn't exactly expecting something like this...not like it would have mattered.

    :smoking::smoking::wave::D hahaha

    Something came the fuck up on us and whatever it is i snapped several photos in its directions and uploaded is the aftermath. Take it as u will.. call me full of shit... w/e...no sweat off my nutt sack biatchs..
  12. Ohh, judging by the title of the thread, I assumed it as THE thread for ALL ufo pictures. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  13. Ok pal, this should scare the crap out of you non-believers. [​IMG]

    My buddy and I were out cruising around on Christmas Eve, and he snapped this pik of me and the New World Order
    flying saucer. [​IMG]

    Whaddya got to say now, eh? :mad:

  14. Well, I'm convinced.

  15. fucking hell, how has this not spread the internet? that is fucking crazy dude!!! blew my fucking mind :eek:

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