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  1. Tell your expierence. Doesnt have to be about aliens just something you couldnt identify.

    This was back in 2005 or 2006 cant remeber. I was 13 and at my friends house for a sleepover. We hadnt done any drugs lol we were only 13.

    A little background on my friends house. He lives way out in the country in a pretty big house. The closest neighbor is a mile away.

    So its about 3am and were all gettin ready to go to bed. Everyone else lays down and i was on the recliner. I lean back and pull the lever to extend the footrest. I was just relaxing looking out the window when i saw a whitish, orange light hovering in the air. It was doing slow little figure 8s up and down in the sky. So i watched that for a while and decided to wake my friends up too see it. So i wake my friend up amd tell him to look theres a weird light in the sky. But this is the weird part. He wouldnt open his eyes. He just looked towards the window with his eyes closed and said its just a plane go back to bed. So i wake my other friend up to use his phone to film it and he does the exact same thing. Wont even look at it. So i gave up on that and just kept watching the light. It was strange because all the ufo expierences ive heard were like ppl seeing them for a couple seconds then they dissapeared. This light had been going for 30 minutes.

    All of a sudden i see two more lights approach the first one from the left. They stop amd started to match the figure 8 motion of the first light. This goes on for a while until the first light shoots a small red ball of light out of the bottom that bounces of the ground below and shoots back inside. So at this point im kinda sketched like wtf ia going on. I keep watching and then the second set of lights shoots this giant ball of light to the other ship. Like this light in the nightsky was as bright as a star and as large as the sun seems from earth. At that point i was like alright that was too crazy i gotta go to bed. So i did. Woke up the next morning and none of my friends remembered me waking them up or anything. To this day i still wonder what i saw. Were they aliens, angels idk but it definitely opened my eyes to the fact we are not the most intelligent life out there
  2. I saw something a decade or so ago. Broad daylight, sober, I watched for about 30 seconds before it disappeared. The way it moved was unlike any man made aircraft that I know of. I was quite sure it was not human technology and I was very strangely calm afterwards. I don't know if it was from an alien or government testing some experimental aircraft, but in the time since, I have never heard of an aircraft like it.

    My only question about the whole thing is that someone else must have seen it. It was in clear sky in the middle of the afternoon. Anyway, no alien encounter or anything but it was unexplainable.

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