UFC Unleashed

Discussion in 'General' started by egschadd21, May 27, 2009.

  1. Who plays this game? It's absolutely amazing and I can't stop.

    What are your fighters techniques and what's his overall rating? And I guess we can just discuss the game in general.
  2. Sorry can someone please move this to the games forum, mahhh bad
  3. I don't have it yet, but my friends play it and they love it. I'm thinking about picking it up.
  4. Fuckin awesome game! I been playin it since the demo was on the xbox live
  5. my brother plays it a lot

    ive unleashed a barrage of jokes suggesting he likes watching half naked sweaty men hold each other.
  6. I can NEVER play those kind of games, just seems so fucking boring for some reason. The only game that I can stand playing and enjoy is Call of Duty 4/5 on the 360.
  7. Game is dope, my friend brought it over and we knocked the shit out of each other for a little while. It's really fun, and I very rarely watch UFC. Oddly enough it made me want to buy a boxing game, but I really want to pick this up too.
  8. wow, I haven't play this game.
    Is it really awesme?
    I want to try it.:hello:
    Enterprise DVD
  9. the demo is a great, I wouldn't purchase the game though. I'm waiting for fight night round 4 :)
  10. yea i love it too. hit me up on XBL if you want a beatdown. better yet, lets start a league here on GC. I dont have the motivation but send me a PM if somone starts a GC league. My gamertag is: Anul Fist You

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