UFC fighter fucks up 2 guys + record it himself!

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    Not the best camera man, but damn good considering he is recording and kicking two guys asses!

    [ame=http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh71Z7FfL0hN2f60v7]Video: UFC Fighter Beats Up 2 Guys While Recording It From His Cell Phone! "Come At Me Bro"[/ame]



    One more to add... bully gets and ass whooping!

  2. That was pretty intense. The end was the best part when he's just taunting them to their face and they know they can't do shit.
  3. Ownage.

    I wanna be him when I grow up.
  4. Dont fucking throw rocks!
  5. That was fucking epic.

    I wonder who that was? He fucked both them dudes up!
  6. just walking straight up to a ufc fighter with your guard down again and agian is clearly not the best approach to fighting. that beating was viscious cant believe the one guy was still standing and given the circumstances that was an amamzing bit of cinematography.
  7. what fighter is this?
  8. I wanna know what they did to get fucked up so bad too. It sounds like he said something about throwing rocks, but I dunno.
  9. is he in room 212 or is that his weight? ...
    I want to know what happened! I wish there was a second video of this from a bystander.
  10. Its his room number.
  11. The way he filmed it was so awesome. I just watched it like 6 times lmfao
  12. In less than 1 minute, he checks both dudes and they both have bloody noses

    One guy even lost his f'ing shirt!

    And he says......"you're leaking" LOL!

    I wish I could fucking fight...it would solve lots of shit for me


  13. start training!
  14. Wow, taking on 2 guys at once? AND filming it, so that means he was using only one hand, DAMN! That's impressive. I really wanna find out if it was a professional UFC fighter or just some dude that practices mix martial arts. But at the same time, if he is a real UFC fighter, it kinda feel like his abusing his skills on some random dudes that were apparently throwing rocks. He could have just called the cops.

    I already know what some of the responds to me suggesting to call the cops. Something along the lines of "The cops wouldn't do anything, those rock throwers needed some street justice."
  15. I've taken a self defense class once before...I should take another one


  16. I spoke to a pro fighter once who said they can lose their sponsors and get kicked out if they fight in public. Idk if that's true or not but I hope this guy didn't end up fucking up his career. Epic ass whooping though
  17. Yea the guy was saying chuck liddell is his trainer so I wonder how this is going to effect his life now that its public...
    if hes just shit talking then hes fine but if chuck really is his trainer then hes fucked and most likely never fighting in a titled ufc fight, unless these guys provoked him.
  18. That's so badass... It would be awesome to be a UFC fighter just knowing that you can take anyone on if you need to
  19. imagine being that fucking good at fighting. they just COULDNT fucking come at him.

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