Ufc 59!

Discussion in 'General' started by NealCaffery, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Yi! im gettin baked with my dad and watchin UFC 59, Ortiz vs. Griffin, Tym Silvia vs Orlovski, GOnna Be A GOOD NIGGHTT!!
  2. haha dude, i love mma and ufc and i watch every event and get stoned. my favorite thing to do is smoke up and watch some fights baby!
  3. Post the results for me! I watch UFC religiously, but I wont be able to see any PPV fights until I move into my appartment this summer.
  4. I was working while it was on, it was actually kind of cool I work at a pizza place and we ordered it so everytime I had to go take something out to ppl or get dishes I could watch a bit...gotta love watching guys beat the shit out of eachother and then show respect to eachother after.
  5. Evan Tanner vs. Evans (Not sure on first name) Tanner by tap-out i think..

    Tito vs. Griffin - Tito by decision, AMAZING FIGHT! tito dominated first, Griffin dominated second, and Griffin was wining third til Ortiz took him down, then it went to decision and Ortiz won.

    Sean Sherk vs. Nick Diaz - Sherks a friggin tank man, short and fast, he won by decision, he deserved it

    Orlovski vs. Silvia - Silvia beat Orlovski, Although, Orlovski landed a nice right and knocked Silvia down like the first fight they had, but Silvia got back up and Orlovski went in for a left right combo, but Silvia smoked him with a nice right uppercut and he fell to the mat so Silvia kept smokin him and the ref stopped it.

    There were a couple more, just too baked to remember the others haha!

    A good fight night with my dad, nachos and weed ahha!
  6. yeah, 59 was a very good event. tanner's super quick triangle choke on levens was great. tito/griffin was badass and surprising. sherk/diaz was great, huge fan of sherk. and the highlight (not really but), was when Sylvia upset everyone with his surprising win on Arlovski. I never would have guessed. I guess we will see the rubber match between those 2.

    great fight card, especally stoned :p

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