uf student tasered...

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  1. http://youtube.com/watch?v=IATPoHdpak0

    the kid didn't deserve to be tasered at all, but he still shouldnt have done that shit when they cops were trying to take him out, since they can charge him with resisting arrest
  2. ur late with this one, we got this as BREAKING NEWS a couple days ago. I don't even want to discuss it, it gets me too angry.
  3. Ya they sellin shirts around campus sayin "Dont Taze me bro"

    or 'ufpd abusing power since 19xx' (dont remember the year)

    ive been wantin to kick ass all day
  4. Can anyone give me a link to what the kid is saying about John Kerry?
  5. Don't taze me, bro!

    Ah! Ah! What did I do!?
  6. I've also heard though that this guy had been warned repeatedly about his behavior, and that when he was told his time was up on the mic he started screaming out questions, and that's when they decided to remove him.

    May or may not be true, and I'm not trying to defend the officers who tased him, but you have to keep in mind that there's two sides to every story.
  7. That's what I heard, too. And he was known around campus for filming Jackass-style pranks for YouTube.
  8. This is by far, the worst atrocity that has ever befell humankind.
  9. Stephen Colbert just did a hilarious segment on it, noting an entire row of students who were visibly bored out of their skulls while that kid was twitching with a cattle prod in his butt
  10. dont taze me bro!!

    he probably deserved to be taken out by force, but busting out a tazer on him while he was already down was way to far
  11. i love that show it's so funny
  12. It was his fault.
    What a stupid jackass.
  13. For asking questions within his 2 minute allotted time? Yea, he definately deserved to be arrested without prompt and tazed.

    The whole point is HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ESCORTED OUT BY THESE POLICE ANYWAY. IF youw atch the full video, it clearly shows that right after he asks a question about Skull and Bones his mic is cut off, he turns upset and all of a sudden these fake cops grab him, without saying anythign. If you are being arrested they have to tell you why, read you your rights, etc. If a rent a cop just comes up and grabs me without saying anything I'll punch a mother fucker.

    There is no reason he should have been ASSAULTED by those police, and he had every right to defend himself, which he didn't. He resisted them peacefully, and then was taken down and tazed.

    That being said I still laugh when I hear him say "Don't Taze me Bro!" It just sounds funny, but the whole situation is fucked up.
  14. all the cops were trying to do was escort this kid out, not arrest him. He had been sayin stuff throughout the time Kerry was speaking.

    And the cops do not have to read you your miranda rights, only if they plan on questioning. And once they took him out of the auditorium they did start explaining to him why they took him out.

    he wulda been much more badass if he just took the escort and left, maybe throwing in a quick remark before he left, but instead he acted like a pussy and yells 4 help and says hes too scared to give thet cops his name
  15. I don't have a comment on this quote, I'm just baked out of my head and it hit me like "Wow, that's pretty heavy"
    First off, that's hilarious, and secondly, yeah Kerry was going to answer the question (or do a little BS dance)...the only reason that whole thing got out of control was some trigger-happy rent-a-cops and the fact that the kid wouldn't fucking settle down and shut up. There was a question out there apparently, a response was imminent but he got combative and you can't do that around a high-ranking government official.
  16. This kid did ask for it. He is known for pranks, and he talked and pushed it. Then when he was told to leave they tried to escort him. He ran towards John Kerry so they took him down. He continued to resist, so they tasered him to subdue him. Instead of subduing him he faked out screams for help. When you get tasered you don't scream like that unless you are making a scene. Without a doubt, the cops handled it badly and there being four of them should have been able to subdue him no problem. But, that's neither here nor there, because it's exactly what the kid wanted.

    Either way, this kid is smart as shit. Now, he's probably gonna get a free ride in college and a hell of a lot of publicity which is good for a journalism major, all because of this stunt.
  17. Surely you aren't being literal?
  18. What the fuck, honestly.

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