UEFA And Champions League

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Rock4Light, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Is anyone following the UEFA or Champions League cups this year? If so, what's your opinions about it?

    I personally think that Barca is looking damned good.

    And, for those who don't already know, Goal.com has a fantasy football program for the ECC where you can win cool shit. You should check it out.
  2. Meh my team Bayern will maybe go past the first round but that is about it.
  3. Bayern isn't really doing too bad. They did make it through to the second tier.
  4. bayern has a great attack with klose toni and ribery. roma looks really good. i cant wait to watch the matchups between inter and man u
  5. Watch Galatasaray in Uefa,we are gonna make it again this year.
  6. Man untd ftw

    just won the Fifa club world championship

    cant wait to beat inter and upset mourinho's bitch ass

    did you guys hear him say zlatan was better than ronaldo? hes crazy
  7. its gonna take a miracle to beat my BARCA:D:D
  8. Messi is WAYYY better than ronaldo:D:D he is on fire this year... if people would stop fouling him:mad: cant wait for a barca man u rematch:) hope we take out chelsea along the way :)
  9. They are looking to be one of the strongest teams, that's for sure.

    My prediction for the final match is going to be between Barcelona and Roma.
  10. LFC will be in the final again this year ;)
  11. YNWA = You'll Never Walk Alone ;)

    As for how we are playing?? We are top of the premiership and have the best defensive record by far - we could do with scoring some more goals but 5 at the weekend helped lol

    L.F.C. :hello::hello:
  12. ITs all about Chelsea LAMPARD and CECH
  13. Your captian is already getting pummelled outside the pitch:p
  14. LOL - yeah I was a bit surprised when I read that this morning - but I guarantee you that nothing will come of it :D
  15. Chealsea sucks. Enough said.
  16. fo show they suck a lampard
  17. Nah fuck that noise.

    Messi > C. Ronaldo

    BARCELONA got it this year!
  18. just to expand
    messi>bojan>c. ronaldo

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