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UCLA reggae festival.

Discussion in 'Clubs, DJ’s and Festivals' started by yumnugs78, May 9, 2006.

  1. memorial day there will be a reggae fest at ucla tickets are $15 and it is from 12noon to 7pm. hope to see you guys there.

    one love

  2. I might be down in so. cal for that weekend.

    Can you tell me who will be playing?? Thanks.
  3. Sounds cool

    Should i expect to see some quality herb floating around?
  4. yes you should.

    to give you an idea here are 2 artist that will be there

    buju banton


    with those 2 alone its well worth the $15 for a ticket.

    one love

  5. If i was anywhere close, you know i'd be there.

  6. as would i, when's memorial day, i get two free vacations this year, courtesey(sp?) of my dad. and i've always wanted to go to socal...the other vacation is bonnaroo for sure.

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