UC Davis Students Pepper Sprayed

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AdDLhPwpp4]UC Davis Protestors Pepper Sprayed - YouTube[/ame]

    this disgusts me... this is not "american"

    how do you feel about this?

    personally i'd like to punch that cop in the face repeatedly

    look at that motherfucker pull out his nightstick because people are taking their phones out to record it




    back to being happy :smoke: :wave:
  2. My mom was watching good morning America this morning and I saw it and was like wtf? The students are sitting there passively, personally I'd sue the police for every penny I could get then get the cop fired from his job.
  3. What I dont understand is why several hundred people didnt become outraged and overwhelm the police...

    Seriously... How many bullets could they have !?!

  4. all they're doing is sitting on a sidewalk... they think its okay to use fucking riot grade pepper spray? cocksuckers

    imagine if your kid was sitting there when that happened. i don't even know anybody there and it pissed me off :eek:

    "If you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F. Kennedy


  6. exactly!! great quote man :wave:
  7. God damn it will protesters get the proper protesting gear... Protect your eyes lungs nose.
  8. Welcome to America dude, this shit happens all the time.
  9. Actually, if you watch the 8 minute, extended version of this video, you'll see the students do just that. Very peacefully, those kids backed the cops up, and basically ran them off campus. At the end of the longer video, you see the cops are being corralled by the students, and as the cops are backing up they begin to raise their rubber bullet rifles, and they break out more pepper spray. But the kids keep walking toward them, making them back down. Finally, that Pike asshole gives the campus cops the signal to stand down and leave. Then all the kids cheered. It was awesome!
  10. Lmao of course there's a meme already :rolleyes:
  11. [quote name='"skunky monkey"']Welcome to America dude, this shit happens all the time. [/quote]

    I know, but it still hits a nerve when you see people protesting so peacefully and be treated like that, ya know? It's messed up
  12. Let's talk about Chancellor Katehi. She's the one who made the decision to call in the campus robocops. I don't think she intended it turn into such a scene. I also don't think she expected a campus officer to use that type of excessive force against such a display of peaceful protesters. On the other hand, what did she expect? Some people are calling for her to resign. Should she?
  13. It happened last Friday. There are hundreds of memes circulating about it. Check the politics board. There's already a huge thread going on about this over there.

  14. Can someone tell me who this guy is or where he's from
  15. This is the video you all need to see. This is the long one that shows the kids fight back without raising a single fist. Epic!!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjnR7xET7Uo]Police Pepper Spray Peaceful UC Davis Students - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Wow, That had my heart pounding... that was right on the edge... I bet those cops were fucking scared....

    That was a much better video...
  17. You need to protect your face and your heads.

    Wear knee pads, elbow pads and motorcycle helmet if you have to.

    Proceed with caution.




  18. SERIOUSLY. Every single protest i see, people are protesting in street clothes and shit then wondering why their protest failed cause cops brought out the gas and mace.

    If i was gonna organize a protest id make sure not a damn person sets foot into the road without a full face gas mask and multiple layres of clothes so they dont feel the damn water cannons
  19. Didn't the police ORDER them to disperse?

    And, what the fuck do you think should happen when a group of people commit the offense of Obstructing an Officer?

    IMO, this bunch was picking a fight with the cops (& wanted a "Kent State" reaction), & the cops were WITHIN THE LAW to do what they did.

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