UBUNTU Party Opening Statement by Michael Tellinger

Discussion in 'Politics' started by QualiD, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. There is a lot of material to sort but so far, by a brief reading of the website it sounds interesting. Thanks for the info, i will check it out in more detail.
    Cheers! I'm trying to spread the message of Ubuntu across the world.
    I hope many minds view this as an opportunity to reclaim the world for
    people, from people, and abolish any kind of monetary enslavement.
  3. I couldnt agree more! I also like the idea of smaller communities. Ive been at work but over the next few days i will put some time in this. How widespread is this movement in the the US do you know?
  4. I've been looking at it for a while. I think it's going in a right way.
  5. not very, as far as I know. I'm hoping to change that.
  6. im not sure i understand.. can you summarize? 
    Sounds communist? 
    communism is formed through a totalitarian state, Ubuntu is not
    going to have any political parties or leaders who speak as a leader
    for the people. 0 Government, 0 Politicians and 0 Banking.
  8. Very ambitious attempt at a self-governing society. Like any of these experimental communities, creating the infrastructure for self-sustainability is a critical point to achieving autonomy. A  lot of the projects they plan to implement encompass this thought, from what I've seen so far.
    We are seeing an evolution of communal farms of the Love Movement of the 60s onwards to now, where the idea has transgressed into a template for realistic reform. These places are not as far fetched as they seem and in some cases are hubs of innovation on all levels.
    This isn't about creating a utopia now. It's about designating an area for people that choose not to live under the direct control of rulers and surrounding yourself with people that choose not to be either.

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