Ubuntu is the shit!!!

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  1. I can't believe I've been missing out on this one for so long!

    Ubuntu is fast as hell. I recommend it to anyone who has a PC!
  2. Yea ubuntu is really great. sometimes getting drivers to work can be a pain, but its only if you have some obscure hardware. Its nice being able to access tons of free programs that are actually good, and not having to worry about anti-virus programs and such.
  3. Yeah, it doesn't like my ATI video drivers, but it's all good... HD movies run fine... Just shit like Google Earth doesn't run too well. Other than that it's straight! :)
  4. what is ubuntu, is it some kind of operating system?
  5. I have not run a Linux OS for many years now but Im so tempted to go back to it. I used to have dual boot but when I did my last format I never got around to putting Linux back on. Im running XP pro at the moment but Im thinking of a dual boot with windows 7 and Ubuntu next new build.

    I'll have to check it out
  6. welcome to the club man, ubuntu rocks
  7. I installed Ubuntu on this old crashed laptop i had after windows failed me on me, and i never went back!

  8. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that is free, and is similar to windows in the way you navigate through folders, etc.....

    So yes, it is an OS, and it can be downloaded for free and gets constant updates, unlike windows which takes 6 months for service packs to be released. Ubuntu is very easy to use, you can just point and click if that is your thing. If you know a little about linux you can also just use the terminal which makes things a lot quicker if you know the commands.
  9. ^^^ Yuppers!

    The only thing I'm not crazy about is how you have to install programs... I think I see the logic, however. It's so you have absolute control over what gets installed and what doesn't. But it IS tricky.

    Plus, I need to learn the Unix commands and command line... Ever so slightly similar to DOS (which I fuckin love and miss!!!). I'm gonna get UNIX and Ubuntu for dummies.

    Damn. I just wish I could get Ubuntu to use the ATI graphics drivers. Apparently they're proprietary. I tried to install the ones that came up, but they didn't work. :( Any suggestions? That would be awesome. :)
  10. If it can't play my favorite games, then it's no friend of mine. Besides, if Vista isn't fast on your computer... then you need a new one, haha. I've always found Vista to be equally as fast as xp, I see no problem.
  11. I hear that from a mile away. I mean, I use Cakewalk audio recording software, and that shit is my life. I need Windows for that one, but when I'm not using cakewalk, I'm gonna be chillin right here in Ubuntu!
  12. Kubuntu is my particular favorite flavor (KDE Fanboy).
  13. If you're fine with vista, then great, but XP definitely outperforms it.

    I used to run Kubuntu instead of Ubuntu, but I must admit I have no clue what the difference is lol.
  14. Kubuntu uses KDE desktop environment while Ubuntu uses GNOME. Both are great, Gnome is a bit more memory intensive than KDE though.
  15. Ubuntu has always been my Linux distribution of choice.
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    I just started supporting Ubuntu as a volunteer a few weeks back. It's the first real exposure to Linux that I've had in several years. I ran Mandrake back in the day, but never really started using Linux often enough to pick it up. Well, now my new laptop is only a Linux box with a few flavors to choose from at boot.

    I love it.

    If you want to learn to use the terminal and learn the basics of a generic Linux install, I suggest this webpage. It provides a guided tour of the install, starting at / and works into basic shell programming (BASH).
  17. +rep for you, my friend. This is exactly what I was hoping to find along the way! :hello:
  18. Hell yea man, i am glad you have found the awesome power that is Ubuntu :hello:
  19. Hey, does anyone know how to install an IP Blocker on Ubuntu Jaunty?

    I've gone through everything in Google, and when I follow directions (terminal), I always get errors and shit. I've tried to do MOBlock and IP Block, but to no avail...

    Apparently it's my noobness to the system. Damn! I can use the hell out of DOS and shit, but linux is like Greek to me. The command-line is a bitch. I'm only saying it's a bitch due to my ignorance! I know the terminal can do wonders if you just know it...

    Any easy ways to do this? Me using the internet without a blocker is like fucking a turbo-slut without a condom 50 times... Ugggh...

    Halp! :D

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