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  1. High Everyone! Welcome to my grow journal! My names Mia I'll be your thread director for the day. Heres the layout of my uber stealth setup:

    Can you figure out where the system is hidden?


    Ta Da! It is completely light tight! The inside is lined with aluminum foil but the dull side so it won't create hot spots.


    Sorry I'm high while writing this so if I am freaking any of you out I must apologize.

    My boyfriend and I just finished our last grow which turned out wonderfully and I thought that for our next grow we would show how we did it.

    Our system is pretty complicated. We went to our local Home Depot and bought a 22" long 15" wide 1ft deep black toat, I drilled 6 3.75" holes into the top for the net pots. The toat is light tight so no algae will grow in the water. Then we went to Brew & Grow a wonderful little hydroponic store by us and bought:

    2ft- 1/2" Irrigation Line
    1ft- 1/2" Soft Line
    1/2" T-Fitting
    10- Woodpecker Spouts (Flow at 2 Gal an hour)


    1- EarthBulb 150W equivalent 2,800 Lumens 5,000 Kelvins
    1- EarthBulb 150W equivalent 2,800 Lumens 2,700 Kelvins
    3- Feit Electric 100W equivalent 1,600 Lumens 6,500 Kelvins
    3- N:Vision 100W equivalent 1,600 Lumens 2,700 Kelvins

    I have the veg lights in there right now and I have it on 24/7 just the veg period.


    The 12" air stone is on 24/7 to oxygenate the water.

    I have 5 gallons of reverse osmosis water in the toat.
    The watering system goes on every 5 1/2 hours for a 1/2 hour.
    No nutes for 2 weeks because it can be harmful to the young plants.
    I check my PH balance daily to maintain a 5.5 balance.
    The plants atmosphere is at a consistent 80 degrees while the waters temperature is at cooling 75 degrees.

    So yea that's how our set up works! Now down to the good stuff:

    We planted 4 Medical Grade White Rhino seeds on 05/25 at 8:30pm and just 2 days later we saw our first little sprout!


    Then JUST today within a couple of hours when we were out we came home to 2 completely popping out of the Rockwool! 1 is still hiding within but should be here soon. We labeled them so it would be easier to determine which one is which.

    So yea! Stay tuned because it's only the beginning! I will be updating frequently! Any questions or comments would be most appreciated!



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