Uber paranoia drug test

Discussion in 'General' started by pocket biscuits, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Yeah I'm getting a job at a movie theatre, I know you guys are gonna tell me to ask the theatre, but do they test for part time jobs in most places? Especially in part time movie theatre jobs? Cus I'm sittin on an 8th of dank thats remaining unsmoked....
    Don't tell me to buy detox drinks, that's a last resort I'm already aware of. I'd rather be clean than freaking out that I passed or not.
  2. my girlfriend works at one and shes never heard of any of them testing.

  3. looks like theres a mother fucker tokin tonight.
  4. hahaha, goood!
    What theatre chain btw
    my gf works for empire theatres
  5. I used to work at one and it was seriously the shit. no drug tests

    I got garbage bags full of popcorn whenever I wanted. MUNCHIES
    and I could blaze on my breaks out back behind the place :smoke:

    oh yea, and you get to see all the newest movies for free!
    it was schweet

  6. cinemark theatres. from what i hear its a pretty liberal company.

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