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after reading the article....

  1. i totally agree with the sun and how they reported it so i'm doing nothing but going about my da

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  2. i'm outraged... this has to be lies and propaganda... i'm complaining!

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  1. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2004031295,00.html

    First death by dope

    A MAN aged 36 is thought to have become the first in Britain to die directly from cannabis poisoning.
    Lee Maisey smoked 25,000 joints during his 11-year addiction to the drug - due to be decriminalised later this month.

    He said he had a headache before collapsing.

    Yesterday a coroner recorded that single Mr Maisey, of Summerhill, Pembrokeshire, died from cannabis toxicity.

    Afterwards experts warned cannabis was getting stronger - and risks were even higher if it is eaten rather than smoked.


    poisoning? toxicity? cannabis?
    cannabis has the among lowest toxicity ratings in nature... if this is true, then not only is this guy the first in britain, but also the first recorded case ever anywhere!!!
  2. lol these fucking tabloids, can't they stick to talking about celebrity love affairs? obviously nothing is sacred by their standards but why make things harder for real people by perpetuating stupid myths like that?
  3. Don't believe that.
  4. If this is actually true, it's probably(edit: definitely) from an allergic reaction.
  5. Two words.


    I hate it when people talk about "cannabis addiction" too. You want REAL addictions? Go to fucking STARBUCKS. Or a fucking BAR. There's your addiction.
  6. yea that basicly tells like zero information and is lacking any hard facts. Plus it looks like a tabloid to me. Also, if he died after 11 years... what about my neighbor whose been smoking since 73
  7. what the fuck?

    i been smoking more tan that for a longer period of time...

    and i know im not the only one!

    i been smokeing for 22yrs.....

    HEAVALY for12...
  8. Sounds like bullshit to me.

  9. Well, I'm not a coroner but i'm guessing that he couldn't find any logical reason for this dude to be layin there in front of him... So he thought to himself "This guy has ALOT of shit from weed in him, maybe, just maybe after 25,000 joints (not to mention bowls, tokes, second hand, etc.) there was finally enough 'poisen' in his brain for him to be afftected?" and then he thinks "maybe not..."////whoa, got lightheader there, damn, forgot where I was goin with this.....ah okay: So seeing as how he's dead and they're gonna make weed legal soon, why not just say (gov/antis) the 'dude died from weed' to change everyones mind about it and just say "NO"....

    p.s. hmm he had a headache... doesn't there remain a trace of weed on your brain for like 30 years after you last smoked weed? maybe it all built up? nah. I think it's all bull, even after trying to convince myself otherwise.
  10. I never trust anything from the Sun anyway.
  11. because decriminalisation is coming into effect on like the 29th of Jan, i've seen a lot more stuff on aol's homepage....like "Doctors tell of cannabis health warning", and "cannabis is bad for you", etc etc, and when i read it, it's like one doctor who "thinks" that it may be responsible for this and that, and provides no solid proof from any other sources or professionals..........Peace out.........Sid

    the sun's only good for one thing...........page 3.....lol

  12. Let me guess, is that like Weekly World New's page 5? ;)
  13. evrything we are being told is lies!!!!

    basterds ....

    no one even konws what is real anymore

    how can we even tell?
  14. First of all, how much bud is in a "joint" ?

    I mean, were they the type you pick your teeth with or was he smoking zeppelins ?

    either way, whatever...I don't buy it.

  15. this guy had been a toker for 11 years.


    another point.

    this is the UK!!!!

    bud is rare.

    who's to say that what this guys was smoking wasnt the filthy crap hash we get here that if you're lucky, you might get stuff that has about 20% cannabis matter in it (saying nothing of the actual THC content).

    that hash comes about through prohibition.

    so if this guy did actually die from whatever he was smoking....

    would that not mean it was prohibition that killed him?

    way to go.

    prohibition claims another victim.

  16. why does that have good looking chicks in their birthday suits as well?......lol......Peace out..........Sid

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