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u want seeds fast????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by froggy, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. ok here is the time line for my order.

    apr 20th...i order with my CC on line of a few strains that i dont have from seedsdirect. woody talked me into powerplant.

    apr 22th...i got confirm from gypsy that my order was completed and sent.

    apr them in the mail.

    apr 26th night time...i put them inbetween a wet paper towel.

    apr 28th...some of them are ready to go into my starter seed mix cuz they are all germinated.

  2. Where did you get the seeds? Could you post a link?

  4. You think that was fast?
    I got 10 T.N.R seeds from DrChronic this week, they arrived just over 24hrs after i ordered them on monday morning.
    I put three in the paper towel Germ method, and this morning i have 3 sprouts ready for the soil. thats not even 4 full days, (+ 100% germ rate too!). Has anyone here grown these by the way?

    I also have some Ruderalis Indica, but it's vegging so slow....grrr!! Only about 3" tall after a week, though they were shocked by the transplanting process.

  5. What country/state you you live in Froggy?

  6. froggy lives in the UK
  7. Has anyone ordered from SeedsDirect that lives in the US? 'Bout how long did that take to get?
  8. check out lots of usa people use seedsdirect.
    they are very good always come out on top with them and had no problems myself, the one stop shop for me.

  9. Did you not read my thread titled seedsdirect and Heavens Stairway? What you want to know is in there.
  10. i dont live in UK.

    i live in wisconsin, usa...gods country

  11. That's what I meant when I said UK, UK as in "Up there where it gets Kold!" :D

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