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U think smoking pot is COOL?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by peanuts, May 31, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - 7th Heaven Marijuana Busted Episode HILARIOUSx100[/ame]

    this is happening to families all over America
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  2. LMAO ! The creator of reefer madness is at it again, idk if its just me and my stoned self, but that was utmost hilarious hahaha
  3. #3 Lebowski, May 31, 2009
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    NOOOOOO son...... My poor son..... ;_;


    best acting i've ever seen.
  4. hahaha maybe they were using marijuana as a metaphor for heroin.
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  5. At least they didn't call it a "marijuana cigeratte", lol.

    *packs a bowl and procceds to smoke it*

    Also, The dad is like a priest, my mom and sister whatches this show somtimes,
    He works for a church or some shit, that's why they are acting all BEZERK.
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  6. haha i love how they act like smoking pot is worse than, i dunno, crack. they should look on the brightside, atleast he isn't out on the streets doing mad crack.
  7. who the fuck leaves a joint by the front door?
  8. That was funny as shit. I hate that show
  9. I always stash my weed on the front doorstep where everyone can see.

    The closer it is to danger, the farther it is from harm.
    Its the last thing they'll expect.

  10. [​IMG]
  11. MAN I fucking HATE when I leave my joints by the front door and then my five year old brother yells at me.
    At least my friends always arrive in the nick of time for me to squeal away in their convertible..

  12. Lol,
  13. Lamlao Fuzzy Nug Lamlao indeed.
  14. Glad I don´t live there then, LOL.
  15. This topic
    is a Win/10
  16. Oh god! Dad im so sorry, its...ugh....omg dad its not mine I swear!
  17. ahhahahahhaaa
  18. either the funniest thing i've seen or the gayest thing. probably the funniest lol. the kid that got caught looks like hes sorta high.
  19. wow that is about the lamest show ive ever seen...and that dad has a vagina
  20. I cracked up so much... Ahh. The video + this thread. Awesome.

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