u think smoking could help me chill out? long read.

Discussion in 'General' started by jimboob, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. i like to think of myself as a nice guy, but idk i think i come off as kinda cold. especially to my familly, i snap at my mom whenever she asks me to do somthing. i feel bad and i've tried to change, but i can't, idk why.

    and with just random people im kinda agressive. like i never start anything, but if i think someones tryin to pull some shit i go on the offensive.im a short guy, bout 5'3, and my whole life i have had people walk all over me or fuck with me. i think i just gradually got tired of it and now i don't trust anyone. I've gotten into some insane stare offs with people. like i try to be nice, with most people i have no problem. but i can't stand some shit. i've had a guy throw his fucking hamburger at my car. a fuckin hamburger. dickheads. now whenever i think someones gonna fuck with me, i make sure nothing happends. i make sure no matter how big they are nothings gona happen. i'm not like this ALL the time, just certain situations.

    also, when im not on the offensive, and im with my friends, im mad funny. like have a real good sense of humor. but i noticed everything that comes outta my mouth is a joke (literally) and i dont get taken seriosuly alot (i think thats how i lost my last girl).

    theres this guy i met at my last job, this guy smokes mad weed, but he's so chill man. nicest guy i've ever met in my life. he's not like hippie or anything he's just got good morals i guess, despite him growing up in the same area at me. i respect this kid alot. i want people to respect me you know?

    so if you didn't wana read all that, my question is, you think smoking more (not 24/7..) could help me have a little more patience with my familly, be less negative towards people i don't know, and mellow out a bit while still keepin ma funny? or should i work on it sober? i basicly know how i wana change in my head, its just hard to put that plan into action.
  2. smoking will most likely help you , but it affects everyone a little
    different so ya just gotta give it a try
  3. i thnk just smokin but also being generally optimistic. im the same way, i used to get so much shit in highs chool for being gay, that by junior year, anyone who made a gay joke, i mean an offensive one, got what they deserved. then when i just started to be really optimistic and happy, being a nice guy came hand in hand.
  4. oh man..
    im in basically the same situation. cept i dont snap at my mom. if anythign weed has made me a better person spritiually, socially, and mentally. im always very kind when im blazed up. but even when im not smoking im good. at first i was a complete misfit, i was cocky as shit, id tellrandom peopleto fuck off, you get the picture. but always after smoking weed id be nice to everyone and wouldnt fight. unless a situation calls for it, ofcourse.

    i think it would help, it certainly wouldny hurt you. but what kind of confuses me, why are you on a marijuana forum with 115 posts, and dont smoke weed? or atleast thats how it seems to me, i could be wrong.

  5. oh no lol i do smoke once in a while, i was thinking about doing it more often though, for reasons other then thinking about shit and having fun.
  6. (my bad for the double post)
    yea i kno wat ur sayin, i don't think i've tried hard enough with the whole optimistic thinking thing. i'll giv that a shot too.
  7. Sounds like you got little guy syndrome to me dude. One of my dads old army buddies was a really small guy, 5'2 or 5'3ish, and a case of mistaken identity got him sliced across his stomach to where he had shit hangin out.. This guy walked out to his truck, holding his stomach together, got his shotgun, came back in and blew that guy away before driving himself to the hospital.

    But yeah, little guy syndrome, theres an actual name for it I think. Sounds to me like you gotta work more on keeping yourself in check, holmes.

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