U.S. troops protect our freedoms?

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  1. This should stir the hornets nest up a bit :wave:

    Our Troops do NOT Protect Our Freedom and We Should Stop Thanking Them for Doing So by Jesse Richard

    I've always heard lots of patriotic fervor about the troops defending our freedoms and the constitution, but to me these words ring hollow. What about the Constitution's domestic enemies? The Federal Government has done much more to undermine the Constitution and our liberties then any foreign enemy. The military is complicit in these unconstitutional wars, where do they draw the line in the sand and say "Now you've gone to far, we must defend the Constitution"?

    With such a track record, I'm not holding my breath...
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    I disagree. A lot of poor people really have no option. Take for example a good friend of mine from HS. He's not really poor... just "lower middle class", but he couldn't afford college (I got lucky and got a scholarship) so he had to join the military. It was literally either that or walmart pretty much. He went AF and he's just a mechanic so he's not in any danger thankfully but he still hates it.

    I don't feel a "patriotic fervor", but I do feel sorry for them (people in that kind of situation).

    That said there are def plenty of meatheads in the military who just join to blow stuff up.
  3. Sure we kill and fight for freedom.

    But at what expense? These terrorists, (a lot of them actually) are forced to be a terrorist under threat of their life.

    If they dont become a terrorist, they usually get death threats to their family first and foremost to be slaughtered and then if that doesnt work THEY end up getting the death threats.

    Why does nobody take this into account?
  4. Take all that money we spend & devote to the United States Military, and insted use it to give those "lower middle class" teenagers the right to a free college education. Then invest the rest in the Sciences.

    Oh wait, thats Europe. What was I thinking? those damn Socialist theories could never work here....
    And people wonder why this country is no longer on top.

    Sincerely, one of those "Lower Middle Class" teenagers.
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    Also by definition, any person in the middle east by our governments definition who doesnt like America automatically is labeled a terrorist.

    We americans can say "I dont like America" and its normal.
    Somebody we have NO previous thought of on the other side of the world, says "I dont like America" and he is AUTOMATICALLY a terrorist.

    An american who proclaims we dont like terrorists is usually "very patriotic"
    Now when the people of North Korea speak ANY bad of Kim Jong Il, they usually get sent to concentration camps... See what I mean? America has become the dictator to every other country in the middle east (surely the world) that isnt alike us.

    See why theyre mad? we are pressing our issues too hard on them so of course it will make a lot of them furious.
    They just want us out as much as I do and my fellow next American.
  6. I think that being a soldier is an honorable thing and that a lot of soldiers and police are honorable men.

    I don't think that being a soldier for the new world order is honorable because this endeavor is so clearly evil.

    I'm sorry if that offends anyone but honestly; when they march you in to the Vally of Armageddon are you going to be surprised by that? :confused:

  7. Why do you think this is? What do you think we did to incite such hatred on us(America)?

    They are perfectly founded in their hatred for America, but their stupid and can only resort to violence to try and solve problems. We should not be over there dealing with tards like that, we should just defend and keep them out of our homeland ( which we could do if the proper measures were put in place). Instead we opt to waste lives that would be better spent here doing more important work.

    People in the military go in knowing they will be sent to war to kill people they dont even know, just because they are told to follow orders. I dont consider them heros, i consider them slaves and should be pitied.
  8. My father was a Soldier for the US Government back in Vietnam. Guess what he got for it? Zilch. Guess what he's going to get for it in the next 10 years when he retires? Zilch.

    Don't get me wrong, I have respect for the people who decide to become a Warrior... But honestly, is there really a point to having Military's anymore? Given all the technology the world has at this point I don't really see the uses for it.

    War is far too inadequate of a system anymore for achieving Political dominance now in the 21st century. We need to get rid of that old human species impulse to hunt.

  9. I wasn't trying to be snotty if you took it that way. My family was just as "broke" as his... like I said I just got lucky. (though we're both loaded compared to most of the world...)
  10. I think we should keep our defenses up, like white blood cells, but we shouldn't send our blood cells outside of our body in order to destroy all the threats. That wouldn't work anyway; our body would spend too much time making white blood cells to do anything else.
  11. and we would die.

    Coincidence much?
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    Oh, I wasn't pissed off or anything if thats the vibe you got from that post. I was just expressing a point that'd been on my mind for a while that I was finally able to articulate. I grew up in a very wealthy suburb of the United States, but I was lower middle class, while most I went to school with were Upper Middle Class. I mean my best friend's father works as a professor at probably the top college in this country.

    By no means am I mad, well, I take that back I'm mad at the Federal Government for not seeing this problem any sooner & not understanding that this is what they must do to make this country prosperous again. Too much in this country is favored on the wealthy these days, and not nearly as much is invested back into the poorer communities.

    I feel they (Politicians) they seem to forget now just because they're not wealthy, doesn't mean they don't have good Ideas too. Just look at me lol.

    But yea you are spot on, we all pretty much live like kings compared to other parts of the world.

    But I reiterate, Invest in Education & Sciences. Not Military Domination. How do you think we won all those Great Wars? We had the best scientists & thinkers. ;)
  13. American people lose their freedom to whom? Their own government. Who created Patriot Act? US government. People are under surveillance without warrant. They were pat down and got their body see through by the screen in airport.

    US troops also invaded other countries. People of these countries not only lose their freedom, they also are killed, raped, tortured by US troops. That's US democracy.
  14. Kid, as much as I wish we could live in a world like that, you just don't get it.
    if we decide "we ain't gonna practice war no more" we'd be done as a nation inside of twenty years.

    OP, I read the full content of the post, not just the short version you linked.
    dude's a kook, imagining that flights of Chinooks are coming after him. i dislike being though of a s a mass murderer.
    If someone does not understand the line of reasoning behind us nuking two Japanese cities I'll be more than happy to sit down over beers and explain it in person, there are nuances that typed text cannot get. Bottom line, 300,000 people died to oprevent a death toll of several million on each side.

    you might want to reconsider calling other people on the forum rapist, torturer, or murder. I'm a veteran. I'd like an apology.
    Also, the Patriot act has nothing to do with the scanners at the airport. I'm not a big fan of either one, but they ain't connected.
    Finally, we ain't a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. Please learn the difference.
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    @ LurkMode 7.62

    What makes the author a kook in your mind?

    Truman Lied, Hundreds of Thousands Died | War Is A Crime .org

    So the war could have very well ended without the a-bomb, but the U.S. was all too eager to flex it's new found military clout in the face of the Soviets.

    What's 300,000 innocent people if it makes us top dog? Again, based on the track record of our military, I will not look to them to 'uphold our freedoms'.

  16. I'm a vet and agree.

    The honor is lost when you obey illegal orders. To many excuse following those orders with "I had no choice"...when they always have a choice. The results of choosing may not be a warm cot on a tropical island sipping on fresh iced tea, but you still have a choice.

    I think we would see a lot less of this invade and occupy crap if all college students, that come from a home with over 250k a year income (add 25k per each child after the 2nd kid) would first have to serve 4 years as an enlisted person:devious:

    It's easy to toss the children of the poor and desperate into a firefight to die for the greed of 1%, much tougher when it's people with enough clout to cause politicians some worry about re-election funds.:D
  17. @xmaspoo
    I went over to his main website. he reads like lots of conspiracy theorists that are out on a limb. have you examined some of his other claims? or did you just find the one partial post and like it enough that you had to link it?

    the Japanese people were suiciding rather than surrender to our troops when we began moving on Japanese territory. The trend appeared to be systemic, and a march to Tokyo would have killed more than the bombs.
    And the only thing the US could have lived with was an unconditional surrender. We let them keep the Emperor, but the surrender had to be unconditional. We'd already found some of the bioweapons facilities they were using.
    Sorry, I'd rather get nuked than get weaponized anthrax or smallpox.

    you kids seem to think we were the only monsters in WWII.
    News Flash: in WWII, EVERYONE did barbaric shit.
    There were NO heroes. Every party involved in the war was a monster.

    I sacrificed my ability to walk properly for you to think I'm an asshat. go right ahead.
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    It is not my intention to sound like an ass here, but losing your ability to walk doesn't preserve any American's freedom. Granted, I sympathize with your disability, it is unfortunate and unnecessary. You probably tell yourself these things about protecting people's freedom of speech to feel better about your enlistment, I'd have to tell myself these things to justify it (the why) for myself too.

    But at the end of the day you didn't stop any imminent threat to our freedoms. You will find those threats to our country and its freedom are internal rather than in a desert in some far off land. War is the health of the state.

    As far as our soldiers go, they are in a lose-lose situation pretty much. The best we can really do is provide maximum care for vets, and I'm not convinced VA is the best channel to do that through.
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    Like I said, "rid that old human species impulse to hunt."

    I believe the quite opposite. We can defeat any foe with the amount of technology we have. Thats what makes us so great to begin with. Our Military is probably a quarter the size it was during WWII. But since we have the best tech, it still makes it the most powerful. Well then again China literally more soldiers to use as cannon fodder.... but isn't that why we use robots anyway?

    But then again, it's engrained in American culture to kill.


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