U.S, more people in prison than anywhere in the world

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  1. the united states holds more people in prison than anywhere in the world.
    counting both in total numbers and in population size (aka per capita)
    the number of prisoners rose dramitacally in the 70's .. a significant part of the reason that number has risen is because of the so called "war on drugs"
    drug prohibition causes violent crime leading to gangs and drug lords and orginizations such as the cartels.
    is our country really better off with so many non violent drug offenders behind bars?
    out of 1.6 million prisoners the united states holds , 354,727 of them are non violent drug offenders
    the number of violent offenders they prosecuted decreased , so it seems we are more focused on stopping the people who do no harm , rather than stop the people who murder , kill , rape , and perform violent acts. awesome right?
    why is that when normal people like you and mean are caught doing drugs we are fined and sent to prison , but when people like big celebrities or congressman are caught they are sent to rehab? i call bullshit..
    when someone has a crack problem and they send them to jail , they are doing nothing but earning money off of him , as soon as he leaves jail hes getting right back on cack , and will be back in prison again making more money for these private prison systems. its wrong , we are suuposed to be living in the land of the free , but we having the highest prisoner population IN THE WORLD. i repeat
    IN THE WORLD , in the world. in the world nigga , but we're free.

  2. It's pretty fucked up. But this is what happens in a system where prisons are owned by private corporations and lobbyists are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want to have laws passed and enforced to benefit their company. Fuckin oligarchies! And to top it off, I will probably be put on some watch list for making this post!

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