U.S. Marijuana Industry Responsible for $5 Billion in Energy Consumption

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    Buzzkill of the Day: U.S. Marijuana Industry Responsible for $5 Billion in Energy Consumption

    Marijuana Carbon Footprint: Indoor Pot Production Uses 1 Percent Of U.S. Electricity, Study Says


  2. Well worth it.
  3. how much gas you think they burn up in those helichoppers?
  4. lmao this is the new anti marijuana thing?
  5. The environment will survive :D
  6. what about other crops? how much energy is put into the tomatoes in my sandwich?
  7. Death at the hands of the vile marijuana plants,
    The coming of bud and the ending of life
    At the hands of the evil weeds grown in the night.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZR673-ywv4]YouTube - Cannabis Corpse - Sickening Photosynthesis (NEW SONG from "The Weeding" EP!!)[/ame]
  8. I don't give a motherfuck. There are other things that use up more energy.
  9. see i'm the same way, but it's still an issue.

    the last bold statement in there sums it all up perfectly. legalization (or lack of ignorance) would raise awareness to this. if we were growing marijuana on completely renewable sources with no negative effects or emissions, isn't that something to 'brag' about towards legalization? i think if we want to support the right to use and grow marijuana, we need to be conscious of how we are doing so.

    that is a shit load of energy people. and a shit load of emissions. you can't hide behind that.
  10. Solar energy?
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    solar energy, wind energy, biofuels, others.

    basically that article talks about how bad it is, yet they state they're still using gas-powered combustion engines to provide that power? the issue here is not the power usage to grow marijuana, it's where that power is coming from.

    (and no, this article is not some stupid propaganda tool to scare us. it's just raising awareness. actually read it.)
  12. They are releasing this as what ? some kind of new age propaganda that attracts enviormental/ global warming activists ?

    ...or to interfeer with the oncoming legalization in ontario :smoke:

    i treat this article the same as the phrase "smoking one marihuana cigarette makes a black man think he is better than a white man"

  13. Hemp fuel!
  14. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Royksopp again.
  15. Some questions

    But i thought solar power is pretty expensive and no sun no power. And for wind energy is the grower going to build a wind mill on his house. lol
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    you're missing the point.

    take open regions with excellent solar exposure; deserts, for example. if we can harvest the VAST amounts of energy from the sun, we could power every single device on the planet. the problem (1 of many) is the cost: installation of pv panels and arrays and harvestation of solar technology is (at the moment) expensive. however, the cost has been decreasing over the years and is becoming more affordable.

    as far as wind power goes, there are many options for that but i don't expect every grow op to have a wind turbine at their place. i think you're missing the big idea of what i'm trying to say...
  17. who's Tesla?
  18. I only half read the article but has the carbon dioxide the many plants will use to photosynthesise been factored into the environmental impact?
  19. no, i don't think they took that into account at all. too bad, really.

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