U.S. Laws on Shrooms?

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  1. I have done a little research, and I haven't been able to find anything specific regarding shroom laws. What exactly are they in the US? What happens if you get caught with a small amount of shrooms?

    Someone was telling me that the laws are far more strict than MJ. Is this true?

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    Hallucinogenic mushrooms themselves are NOT illegal in the US... It is the chemical Psilocybin that is in the mushrooms that is illegal. This is why you can legally buy mushroom spores in the US, because the spores do not start to contain psilocybin until they start growing.

    Edit: As for the penalty for being caught with them? I don't think it is anymore severe than any other schedule 1 drug (last time I checked I thought psilocybin was schedule 1)
  3. So if it is a schedule 1 drug, then what happens if I were to get caught?
  4. Probably similar to what you'd get if you were caught with an 1/8th of weed.

    Probation or community service, maybe a fine. You aren't gonna do hard time for shrooms unless you have pounds upon pounds of them in your basement and make 300 grand a year selling them.
  5. There is no way of telling without first knowing which state you live in. Each states have their own individual mandates and sanctions for possession limits, minimum jail sentences and police enforcement. Unless you are caught trafficking Psilocybin Mushrooms across state or national borders, you will never set foot in a Federal Court for possesion alone, so the federal mandates do not apply here.

    Erowid Psilocybin U.S. Law Vault

    You should know this, as well, as I have no idea what state you live in:

  6. I was thinking of growing some for personal use, because I don't like paying ridiculous prices for them, I don't like dealing with dealers, and I honestly don't know anyone who has them...

  7. I dunno man, if you just wanna try them out, i'd just buy a few from dealers, the prices aren't really that much worse than weed, at least in my area.

    Growing em is kind of a pain in the ass.
  8. I will find some eventually... I want to try them...
  9. Well, no matter where you live, if the police are involved in a raid on your house and discover even a small grow operation in a closet somewhere, they will almost certainly press Possession With Intent To Distribute.

    Aside from us on the City and other online forums dedicated to it, I would highly recommend you be very smart about a grow operation in your house, even if it's for personal use. It's a terrible atrocity that we, as peaceful citizens, need to remain quiet about things like this, but you're better off keeping it to yourself. Be careful! If you're sharing mushrooms with your friends, unless you trust them with your own life (which is in their hands if they decide to turn you in), make no comments about the Terrarium in your closet.

    You don't need that three in the morning "Search Warrant!" wake up call. I've been there, and it's not fun.
  10. I know... It is ridiculous... Shrooms are just a fungi... MJ is just a plant...

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