U.S. House of Representatives Votes to Legalize Industrial Hemp

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  1. http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/congress/item/15782-u-s-house-of-representatives-votes-to-legalize-industrial-hemp

  2. Sweet, let's hope it becomes law. :smoke:
  3. Fingers crossed.  Funny, I can't find any other article reporting this...
  4. Man I would love to see hemp grown industrially, possibly followed by change for the better. :D
  5. even though it didn't pass it is good to read about marijuana/hemp being debated about in the house, senate, and such.  these are the baby steps to full legalization.  i still consider myself young (under 30) and i've slowly seen things changing for my good friend marijuana, hopefully when i am an old man i can smoke it, grow it, and do what ever the hell i want with it...freely :smoke:
  6. Scary is how close the vote was on the hemp bill,,over 200 Reps voted against it and I don't know how that many politicians could be ignorant to the way and why hemp was prohibited,,or else they are bought and paid for by people wanting it kept prohibited,,that is a lot of legislators that need to be job hunting.
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    That's what I'm gonna go with.
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    great point you guys,imo there are still too many 'old time' politicians/representatives that don't know/care about the potential benefits from industrial hemp (or marijuana for that matter), to make an educated vote. like what was said, they just sit there with their ears blocked and theirs eye's blindfolded, with their hands out, taking from whoever will supply for that Nay vote.
    *edit...not quite finished.  I also think that as younger generations start pushing these old farts out of their respected seats then more legislation will be passed that favors hemp and marijuana.
  9. Two-fold:
    Hemp will be grown for CBD pharma meds, and will supplement the fuel supply for Big Oil.
    When you consider those lobbies, its easy to see the "acceptance" by the politicians. Bought and sold is right.

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