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U.S. Government Shutdown.. Why exactly?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AlexanderTheGr8, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Why is the U.S. Govt shutting down all the sudden? We've had to keep borrowing money for the last 30+ years non-stop, why all the sudden are we going to shut down now? Have our loaners decided to stop loaning america money?

    Someone please explain.
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    From what I gather there was no budget passed last year and they've been beating around the bush about it since.

    No one has the balls to tell it like it is, except for a few, because all the politician cares about is reelection. We are broke. Military / defense and entitlements (SS/Medicare/Medicaid) need to be slashed, I'm talking by 50% or so, or we are fucked....literally.
  3. It's political theater.

    They send all the non-essentials on paid vacation for a few weeks and then go, "See! We need to tax/print/borrow more!"

    I think.
  4. The reason is simple...


    all the politicians that 'work' in the DOC being put to 'sleep' would really help the USA recover...:D
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    Because Republicans insist on making the budget about their political agenda (like curving the rights of women) instead of actual fiscal reasons.

    This results in gridlock because Democrats aren't going to sell out their beliefs just so the budget can pass

    Basically, republicans won't pass a budget because they insist on arguing about something like .05% of the money in it, trying to pass this off as ''cutting spending'' and ''reducing the deficeit''

    If they want to really reduce our deficiet, cut defense spending by 50-75% and instantly save 500 billion dollars a year, instead of having higher military spending than the next 17 countries down the list combined
  6. How are subsidized abortions a right?

    It's one thing if you want to call fetuscide a right, but to say that preggers have the "right" to taxpayer money is stupid.

    It's a privilege that they shouldn't have in the first place seeing as a majority of taxpayers don't support it.

    Otherwise I agree, it's political theater and both sides are acting.
  7. I have to ask all the pro-life people...are you all registered to adopt children?:rolleyes:
  8. I thought Democrats had the majority?

  9. If you are playing the "blame game" you might want to question why democrats failed to produce a budget last year? :confused_2:
  10. Ah, nice to see a truly unbiased post.

    Democrats aren't going to sell out on their beliefs? LOL

    Yes, let's cut defense spending by 75% so the government can have more money to waste on programs and "research" that should be handled by the private sector.

    No, they're probably not.

    They're also probably not out having unprotected sex without being ready for the potential "consequences".
  11. Yeah but the democrats and Obama can't produce a budget for 2011 because of Bush, haven't you been watching the news?
  12. perhaps it was due to a previous problem?
    [​IMG] (its all about attitude it seems...:D)

    blame one side for being corrupt and only interested in shifting wealth and power to the minority, or blame the other for not having the guts to take corrective actions, both sides only care about their own wealth/power and could care less if 'the people' were to die...

    Fire them all and lets start over... :cool:

  13. $500,000,000,000 unfortunately isn't enough when the budget deficit is $1,600,000,000,000 for 2011. WE still need to reduce it by at least another $1,100,000,000,000?

    2011 budget is 20% on "defense/military" which should be reduced, you're right. What you failed to mention is that Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid (entitlements) are 57% of 2011 budget, up from 43% in 2010 (military/defense was at 20% in 2010).

    Most of the federal government can be eliminated entirely and rights restored to the states... Good luck trying to get that to happen though, once a giant bureaucracy is created it does not want to relinquish power for any reason.

    In 2010 "Defense" - Social Security - Medicare/Medicaid represented 63% of our budget totaling $2,183,000,000,000.

    In 2011 JUST Social SecurityMedicare/Medicaid represent 57% of our budget or $2,103,300,000,000. Defense $738,000,000,000 at 20% still.

    NO CUTS! Combined they now total 77% of the budget at a price-tag of $2,841,300,000,000.

    Talk about unsustainable...


  14. I choose the best stance; I'm pro-life and pro-abortion. Abortion is wrong 90% of the time, but prohibition will only make things worse.

    I just don't think taxpayers should be forced to pay for what they see as murder, not fair to them.

  15. George W. Bush prevented Democrats from doing their job last year? That's news to me! That sneaky bastard just won't go away!

  16. I seem to recall more than that being spent on war mongering...oh well...as long as DC secures oil and minerals both parties think it's ok:(...

    The change chart is nice, shows the increase to war funds, decreased health-care and income security in addition to reducing the benefits to the vets (that survived), then rape the funds for the infrastructure and education system...all in attempts to fix the economy...did I miss anything...seems par for course to me, short term thinking to protect 1% at the expense of the 99%...:p
  17. Yeah man he just really hates America.

    Every time he see's democrats trying to work on the budget he just runs up and squirts ketchup all over it. It's true, I saw it happen on multiple occasions.
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    It's going to cost a lot more to pay for the unwanted children that will be born, if there's no more funding for birth control and abortion. There will also will be more sick babies. Not to mention, crime will goes up as a result.

    Women go to these clinics for birth control pills, condoms, prenatal care, cancer screenings, breast exams, PAP tests, HIV testings, STD testing, etc. Planned Parenthood even has men's health services.

    Do away with the funding for this, you only make numerous situations worse - but hey, it's only money, the fetus is the most important thing here to these morons.

  19. ...and he is blocking the repugs now...he sure is sneaky huh;)

    point is, past administrations DO have an effect on current administrations...same for congress and the senate.

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