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U know those salt and pepper grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shitonnick, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. i have one of those and you put whole corns of pepper in the end if i use that to break down the weed do you think it will be too fine to put in a joint
  2. The way a pepper grinder breaks down peppercorn, your bud would be really fine ground, and would burn very fast and very hot. But, the smoke would probably be very dense, as your overall surface area would be very high. It would probably be very harsh because of how hot the smoke would be.

    You would be better off just buying a grinder from Amazon or somewhere like that. You can find amazing grinders on there relatively cheap.
  3. But....what about your kief? :/
  4. I always wondered if this would work because i had one lying around the house and one day i went to pour the pepper out but i could never find the grinder so i never compelted the experiment.
  5. Kief is awesome, and smokes very nice, (I usually save mine to press into hash) but thats different from herb. Kief is the trichomes and resin that falls off your bud when you grind it. there may be some plant matter in it, but not much. But the finer its ground up, usually the faster it burns. The faster something combusts, the more heat it releases, as the reaction is faster and more intense, rather than slower and less intense.
  6. ...Yeah, I know...... but I'm saying... how's he gonna SAVE it, if he's using a pepper/salt grinder?? It's gonna get stuck all up in the teeth and shit... but I meeean, if you don't mind losing it, then by all means man...

  7. i used to do it before i bought a grinder. it works fine, you kinda have to press the herb into the grinder portion though with your finger. it doesnt cut you because its plastic. they do really make it into powder unless you put it on the most coarse twist.

    ever hear of a 2 piece grinder? its basically the same thing. its more like a three piece though.
  8. ohhhh, my bad, i thought you meant something else. But yeah, i would def get a grinder with a keif screen if i was OP.

    Lol sorry, im a little stoned atm (love Asheville, so much dank)
  9. A little bit of powdered weed is sometimes good to mix with properly broken up hemp. Using a grinder will yield the perfect amount, in fact. This is to say you do not want to smoke a blunt or bowl made primarily of the powder.

    And to answer your original question: Yes, I know those salt and pepper grinders.
  10. The only thing I think would be negative about using it as is a grinder is A. It would be very fine, and B. The pepper grinders would get really sticky and gummed up and be hard to turn if you had decent weed in it... just a thought but first thing that came to my mind
    Buy an aluminum grinder for 15$ off Amazon, they have Keif chambers and everything and will last you along time!
  11. hahah when i go to restaurants I always think about this...glad to know it does work :smoking:

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