U.K. Skunk

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  1. Having almost entirely smoked indica strain mellow high stuff for years. I have recently got a bit of homegrown super skunk and to be fair it has knocked the shite out of me haha
    Heart wanting to leave the room type shit have to say it hasn't been the most pleasant high not by a long shot and not over done it either.
    Is it true that if you suit a Sertain strain it's not such a bad idea to keep on that track.
    This stuff has fucked with my head tbh I don't know how folk can sit there and smoke it day in day out haha heavy duty.
    Over and trout.
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  2. Ja. Indica's for the daily driving. Love sativa oriented smokes when actually doing something, otherwise it just sends the head into overdrive. Trying to get to sleep and smoke a sativa bud spliff? Nae chance. But if out and about hiking, or painting a house or cooking some food or whatever, yeah is good shit. Not so much for chilling though.

    But saying that, there is a huge variety to strains and genetics these days that there are plenty nice sativa's about for chilling - but just not traditionally, and it's a good rule of thumb.
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  3. Enjoy the "super skunk" while it lasts. I had some U.K. cheese that was very good.
  4. Sativas expand time and temporal space, whereas indicas narrow focus and shrink awareness.

    creative juices flow on sativa but indica all day for crunch time.

    Sour D puts me on a UFO.
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