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u.k blunts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smoky14, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I have always used blunt wraps in the u.k and am wanting to try to gut a cigar and roll a proper blunt 2mara, and was wondering can I use any kind of cigar to do this? Any cigars you would recommend? Cheers for advice
  2. If ur in the Uk u smoke spliffs :p
  3. Use to smoke splifs all day everyday now I want a blunt???????
  4. Anyone??????????????????????????????¿
  5. just get a pack of cigarillos, they come in like a fag box but you get 5 or 6, im not 100% sure of any brand names, but youll know what i mean when you see them in the shop
  6. Blunt wraps are better than cigars but any cigar pack should be fine. They usually sell them for a fiver a pack of 5 I think.
  7. honey dutch
  8. i dont think they have those in uk...
  9. order your wraps online
  10. get swisher sweets cigarillos. those are the most common. white owls are the best though.
  11. Yumm, stale, chemical soaked tobacco pulp. I don't see how they are better but they can be eaiser to roll/more convient.
  12. Henry wintermans half coronas will they work?
  13. #13 scr hdb, Jun 7, 2011
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    I love white owls. White grape is the shizz.
  14. Get a swisher sweet 
  15. Dutch master palma
  16. white owl any flavor is the bebst for blunts
  17. can't find any of the cigars you's have sujested only the half coronas their like a pack of 6?
  18. Just get blunt wraps, so much easier, just put it in the middle and it practically rolls itself

    Fuck diggin about with some old stinky cigar
  19. Can't believe no one mentioned these, my head shop always has them. It's basically a gutted cigar (tobacco leaf).

    Cyclones Sugar Cane with Dank 7 Wooden Tip - CYC 702

    "Cyclone Blunts".

    Scroll down and look at the pic, it's pre-rolled and comes with a nice wooden roach which can be re-used! Smokes so much finer than those wraps. :smoke:

    Infact I have two in my bag upstairs!

    I'm from the UK too.
  20. I used to use Hamlets, then I realised the only reason I was doing it was to look cool making it. Might aswell just use wraps if you ask me.

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