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u have never really smoked weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nucan, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. i have already posted this on the general forum, but i decided that id tell u expierenced ones about the most amazing discovery ever made. burning ur bud with the power of the sun. u take a magnifing glass and position it so the dot that the sun makes thru the magnifing glass is as small as posssible and on top of the bowl. it will get u higher than u have ever been. the taste is absolutlely the greatest thing ever too. u have no idea how good bud can taste. plz try this out, u will not be dissappointed. also, solaring takes out the annoying factor of wind. its great. well happy solaring.
  2. when i decide to take 15 minutes per hit, i'll try that. jk
  3. nah man, it takes all of like 5 seconds for it too light, id be willin to bet that if u get the magnifing postioned right.. that the dot it makes is hotter than the fire a lighter makes.
  4. actually not hoter, yet at a temparature in which the weed burns at. sorry to be pc, heh. anywayz, imma try this soon
  5. Uhh, like a solar evaporator?
  6. fat chance of sun where I live....

    .... how about a really bright lamp?

  7. lol, i hear ya, we had two days of sun in the last week and a half, and i was herbless for both of them. now it is back to being foggy, cloudy, and rainy, not to mention cold. well i am off to return a movie on my bike. i hate this weather.

  8. Man that sucks, a regular lighter flame kills a good amount of THC
  9. This is interesting. I am gonna try it...
  10. Yeah, awesome move, there has got to be more techniques to further utilize, how did you find out about this particular one, there's got to be more where that came from! Thanks!

  11. I haven't tried it yet n i'm not saying it won't work.but can anyone explain why the source of ignition would make a difference.?
  12. Depends on what temperature it emits on the weed...It seems like it would be a lot lower temperature on the weed then a flame would..THC starts to die at anything above 250 farenheight. So when we burn it with matches and lighters we're not gettin all the THC that we should be....I have no idea yet but what temperature would it get up to with the magnifyin glass? Seems like a good idea im gonna try that real soon
  13. couldent you just heat up some butter knifes, at the right temp, and burn your weed that way. (as in knife hits)
  14. I need a!
  15. shit im wasted peepl.
    so it sounds to me like you cant beat a smouldering properly-smoked joint.that's been my theory 4 the last 20 years anyway.but i am gonna try that sun shit...something to do at the beach when there's no surf.

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