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  1. Sweet compilation of main stream media's coverage of UFOs

  2. Those are all old...

    I want new shit!!!
  3. I agree it does have some sightings that we've seen already but it has some that I haven't seen, and I've been looking :laughing: So it's not all old, and too boot, the guy who put this together did a great job!
  4. They are good clips. The one at the end with the lights though (like the redish lights) is a remote control helicopter.

    The rest look good tho.

    It makes me wonder if its a big hoax. Like some rich dude is playin the ultimate prank on people...
  5. Either ETs are real or someone is really going out of their way to convince us otherwise! There are many people who believe ETs are here right now slowly revealing themselves to the world, so as not to panic us Humans, who fuckin love drama and overreact to most shit :laughing: So its time to ditch the drama and open the minds

  6. Thats actually what I believe.

    I could be wrong. I just feel that its the truth though.
  7. Hello. I remember seeing the same thing a couple years ago with my stoner group and we were all trying to figure out what it was, someone had told us a reasonable explanation, but I can`t remember that well. The lights (or whatever you would like to call them) were moving around in the sky and I saw more than just one group of them. To me it honestly seemed like a bunch of invisible UFO`s.
  8. I live in Canada, by the way.
  9. Keep smokin' and keep lookin' up ^
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    You saw these...INVISIBLE ufos?

    Are you a wizard?

  11. its mr burns for sho
  12. uhhh creepy ufos always make triangle shapes, the pyramids are triangle, the back of the us currency has a triangle. wtf is with triangles
  13. Just like my slice of NY pizza...mmmmm pizza
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  15. If thats real the military is already on it...
  16. check this video out...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmvuZHKQZaM]‪Astronaut Demands Obama Release The 'Alien UFO Files' 23 4 2009‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  17. theres also a guy who hacked NASA's computer system back in like 2002 and says he saw pictures of real ufo's in there system but before he could do anything with them he was locked out from the system. He says that NASA is completely aware that aliens are real, they just dont release any of the information to the public. ill try to find that video to.
  18. here it is. you can do more research on him on your own.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pIqKMgCNPo]‪NASA-UFO HACKER - (Gary McKinnon - Seeking the Truth For The World!!!) We Support Him !!!!‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

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