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Discussion in 'General' started by throwinheat, May 10, 2006.

  1. Well last week I got fucked out of prevailing wages by my employer and got pissed off and quit, so I need a new job. I've decided that I'm not going to go back into the trade I was doing before, just to kind of chill back for the summer. Lazy, I know. But hell....

    So I inquired Home Depot about some open positions they had, and signed me up for an interview right away. Cashier position, to be exact. Wouldn't be bad I guess, except for....

    THEY REQUIRE U/A's. Shit.

    I was looking through some ads today, and saw a Home Depot ad for a Lot Attendant and I see the words "Must pass the drug test." Uh oh. My interview is today, in about an hour and a half. So now I'm debating whether or not I should even go.

    So my question is, have any of you worked or are currently working for Home Depot and know anything about how long after their first interview they had to take a piss test? Or what kind of test is it? Is it not even a U/A? Mouth swab hopefully?

    There's no point in going to the interview if I'm going to have to even take it within the next week, unless I want to pull some tricky shit, and I dont' even want to bother with that for a job I don't even have yet.

    I've been a daily smoker for the last year, so getting clean would take some time and care.

    I think I should've just turned my ex-boss in and not quit yet... oh well. The temper gets the best of you.
  2. go for it.

    there are tons of ways to beat a drug test. do a search here on the boards (i even think there is a sticky somewhere) about beating dt's.

    as that one dude in the adam sandler movies used to say, "you can do it!"
  3. I've heard tons of ways to do it before, I've just never actually had to take a U/A. Basically this "job opportunity" isn't important enough to me to try and pass the test. I don't want to go and spend money on fake piss, I've never heard of a drink working properly, and I don't think I even know anybody with clean piss anyways.... arggh.
  4. start preparing now.

    niacin, b12, water/green tea, and azo

    do the interview, but if you are asked to take a piss test say your vehicle is broken down and your mom is in the car and ask if you can reschedule. maybe that will buy you a day or 2.
  5. go to a health food store. they sella purple drink called detox. it's like 30 bucks but it cleans you out. PEACE
  6. I hate these fucking decisions. I'm such a pussy. I'm going to ponder in the shower. Time is ticking.
  7. think about it, if you don't go, you don't get the job. if you fail the piss test, you don't get the job. at least take the shot at it.
  8. here is a basic guide:

    try to drink a gallon of water. piss several times until your piss comes out clear. take b12 (to add color to urine) and take niacin (flushes out your system). it would also help to drink grapefruit juice (tastes like crap but it absorbs a lot of the toxins in your system). exercise (speeds up your metabolism).
  9. Well, I've decided that good things come to those who wait. I'd hate to say it, but I'd like to save myself the embarrassment of failing the piss test. It's just Home Depot, so hell with it. Getting worked up over nothing. Since I quit my other job, I've been smoking even more weed. 2-3 grams of G-13 daily. MMMMMmmmmmm.

    So, getting clean the natural way is going to be my approach, except switching to only drinking water during the day. Maybe coffee or soda in the morning.

    Luckily enough, I recieved an insurance settlement for my car getting TOTALED by an incompitent little twit a few months ago. Got the check last week finally. So I can keep living off of that as I have been.

    Thanks to anyone who gave advice. Much appreciated. I'm going to clean out the stash today, then, yeah. Quit... blazing.... herb..... :(
  10. why not just postpone your interview a couple of days? call them up and say you have an emergency you need to take care of. don't just pussy out like that because there's a little pressure.
  11. Call it what you want, pussying out or not.

    Not doing it :)
  12. idk, i just hate seeing people give up so easily. but hey, it's your life, do as you wish.
  13. just so you know, HD doenst give a rats ass about cashiers. if you fuck up once they most likely will fire ya.

    try getting anopther position, like stocking, parking, or something. if you really want a kick back job get a job as a security gaurd AT home depot lol.

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