Tyson vs. Lewis!!

Discussion in 'General' started by stevieponiczz, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. Well im going to a party all night tonight bringing 5 stuffed blunts with me. This fight is gonna be great. I'm sorry to all the British blades but your man Lewis is gonna bite the dust!!!
  2. Lewis also better wear his ear-muffs too!! :D lol
  3. ha ha

    me and my friend were talking about it. We said in his entrance Tyson should come out wearing a muzzle. I would be realllly intimitated by that if i were lewis.
  4. na man, you's have got it all wrong!!! Lewis is gonna box Tyson out of the ring....Tyson's gonna come out fighting for sure, but Lewis has a bigger reach and is gonna keep him at distance.....Lewis all the way.....if Tysons wins i'll come on this site and eat my words ...lol.....Peace out....Sid
  5. man tyson is gonna knock the stuffing outta lewis
  6. I am sooo fucking disappointed...(sorry for the curses)

    Tyson LOST

    AHHH the HUmanity!!!!!

    He didn't even fight man...I was ready to box my tv..lol

    in other words...the fight sucked.....


    peace bladezs
  7. hell yeah, i told you's Lewis was gonna win....just as i said...Tyson would come out fighting and then Lewis would keep him at a distance and box his way to victory.
  8. As always I new that good old England could kick Americas ass any day!!! :) hehehehe what a fight !!!!

  9. LMAO!!!! Come on, this wasn't a battle between Nations!! lol I'm sure ya remember enough history to recall a Lil' skirmish called the REVOLUTIONARY war!!! The Americans proved your statement to be pure fiction!!!!!!! lol :D

    Besides, I was rooting for Lewis, as I feel Tyson has hurt boxing's image so bad, that I would hate to see him hold a title!!! :D
  10. im goith to go pway with my pigthions owr somthing.

    didnt get to see none of it till a tiny espn clip. sure looked whooped good.
    done, gone,goodbye
    whata nut.
  11. He's a total animal, who bites peoples fucking ears and takes a chunk out of people's (lewis') leg. He's a rapist and indeed has been banned from fighting in Britain. I don't really agree with boxing... but when a bastard like that gets the shit knocked out of him- I LOVE IT...
  12. You just had to know that lewis would win when he comes out to bob marley blastin on the speakers. Great fight. =)


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