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Discussion in 'General' started by Tyrone_C, May 20, 2006.

  1. Ma humble apologies, ladies and gentlemen, for my lack of activity here in the forums over the past two weeks. The reason for my almost consistant absence is ironically the thing this forum is about. Weed. Good weed.

    That about sums up my past few weeks. I've been very high. I have a smokeless pipe, so I can pack actual bowls insted of 1 hitters, meaning I smoke a lot more weed quicker. This means I can get ripped any time I want, without getting in trouble. And at the same time, I have had enough weed over the past lil bit, so I can blaze and still have enough left to smile over:smoking:

    It's now the May 24 weekend, I've been HIGH as hell the past two weeks. So like, I can't even imagine whats gonna go down on this big weekend! So whats everyone got planned for the next 3 days? I'll report back when I know what I'm doin:cool:

    Tyrone out.
  2. I hate to bump such an old thead which seems to have recived no replies, but I feel the urgency of this matter needs to be stressed furthermore. I have also noticed that the number of views in this thread just about equals the amount of times I've came to check if it's had any replies in the last day or so. This makes me realize that only a select few have read it, so I've found it appropirate to bring such a thread "back from the grave" so to speak.

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