typical yellow leaves, but rapid yellowing and dying

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  1. Alright. So I am growing indoors. I had the girls set up in a 12 by 12 foot room with poly plastic lining the room. I got all the girls as clones from dispensaries. They are in Coco canna soil in 3 gallon pots. They are under 1000w hortilux bulbs (4 of them) with hoods of course. each light is hooked up to a 1000w ballast. I vegged them for 41 days at 24/7 lighting. They are fed cal-mag, canna a, canna b, ph down, and they were given rhizatonic during veg. The tempeture for the first week of the grow was too low- ranging from 60-68 degrees. We fixed that problem(since the soil was not drying out properly) and we have been able to maintain the tempature between 70-80. We encountered a few fungas gnat problems, but were able to keep them at bay.

    I gave them phospoload right before the light switch. They have now been on 12/12 lighting for eleven days.

    about a month ago I noticed white powder on the lower dying/yellowing leaves. I at first thought that it was residue from the nutrients hitting some of the lower leaves...but then about two weeks after that I started noticing this powder on the upper healthy leaves. It of course was mildew (I had never encountered this problem before so I did not recognize it right away). Then we had a little flurry of white flies *sigh*. They were not out of hand, but I tackled them asap. I got Neem oil to tackle the white flies, and the powdery mildew. I also introduced more oscalating fans into the room to get even more air flow. I made sure all the plants have plenty of room now by explanding the room to twice the size. Because I admit, they were too cramped before, and Im sure that did not help with the mildew issue. I just did this about 2 days ago.

    So the lower leaves have been yellowing and dying, but they have been doing so extremely rapidly for the past two weeks. I will take all the yellowing leaves off (the ones that come off extemely easily), and the next day there will be about 4 more on each plant :( i know its natural for the lower leaves to dye away, but is that too quickly??

    does anyone think this is just a result of the mildew and white flies, and I should wait to see the effect of the neem oil? Or does anyone think it could be another issue? I wanted to wait to observe the effects of the neem oil, but if it may be another issue, I want to tackle it asap since they are in their flowering stage. I appologize that I cannot provide pictures.

    for all the plants, the rest of the plants leaves seems very healthy, and they are starting to flower really well. Im having to put in supports for the plants at the moment because they are getting a little heavy for themselves.

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