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Types of weed, in order?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Theory5, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. hey, I have always wanted to see a rough chart of how good weed is. I hang with one friend who says that dro and mids are pretty much the same, and today I was talking to another guy who said that KB was closer to mids than dro, and dro wasnt close at all. I dont want to know exactly, just a rough estimate or so. If you differ in opinion please say why.
  2. whoever told you that is completely wrong. "mids" or "schwag" is usually the poorest quality, sometimes brown and usually contains seeds, with little THC and was usually bricked and shipped from places like mexico or jamaica, or even just backyard homegrown. "dro" or "beasters" is hydroponically grown, and usually uses chemicals to increase yield which is BAD the quality of it however is much better, and it looks alot more visually appealing, however is usually very harsh and doesnt taste too good. "KB" or "kind bud" or "headies" or "exotics" whatever your dealer wants to call it, in my opinion is any strain that is grown from a legitimate seed vendor or weed grown to legitimate medical standards. basically either you kno what you doin or ya dont when it comes to growing. but yea dude thats basically the types of weed "in order of strength" all weed varies though.

  3. Thanks, so from what I understand everhbody calls thier bud something different, so getting headies from one dealer is different from getting headies from another dealer. I thought KB stood for kine bud, anyways I thought KB and headies are different.

  4. I hate when people use dro as a type of weed. Dro is slang for hydroponically grown weed. Meaning that its the method for how the weed was grown, Indoors and fed with lots of nutrients. Typically when weed is grown "hydroponically" it is of better quality and thus costs more. Usually it is much better quality than KB but, you can buy low grade hydroponically grown weed as well.
  5. Also, KB is a lower grade than headies. They are both good but headies is better quality and almost always costs more than KB.
  6. Same, although I wouldn't be surprised if it became an actual strain name one day.
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    this is how it goes for me

    dirt-->shwag-->mids-->"kb" or "Beasters" or "Headies" --> Dank

    and like previously posted dro means hydroponically grown but is often used as a slang word for dank. but not all "dro" is great quality wise it usally is. but its not like just because its grown hydroponically that its magic and that people cant fuck up their grow
  8. Shwag is the dirt of the dirt, almost always has brown on it and has more stems and seeds then actual bud, the bud itself is usually very low in thc and thus you will probably blow through a quarter in a days time.

    Mids are the next level up, but not much better. There are different types of mids though, there are low mids and high mids, low mids are somewhat green with a few brown spots on it, high mids are mids that are pretty decent (avarage if you will) usually has a few seeds.

    Headies are the next level up and is what I almost always buy now. It has tons of trich's and tons of orange/red hairs. It will sometimes have a seed or two, but most headies dont have seeds because its usually grown here in the states by a decent grower.

    Dank is the last level and to explain that in the least amount of words, think of cali bud and you will know what dank is.

    Beasters are also known as BC bud, it just means the bud was grown in British Columbia up in Canada and its always grown hydroponically and its the same as dank.

    KB - I have heard this term but it doesnt really have any realivence as far as I am consurned, its just another made up type of weed.

    Dro - Its just a made up term dealers use to make you think your getting dank weed. In reality its just weed grown hydroponically and has nothing to do with how good the weed is.
  9. it differs from place to place wih the nicknames for each one

    here it goes shwag - mids - KB - nug - heddies - exotics

    but everyone that answered is pretty much right. so listen to them, no need for me to repeat what they said....
  10. Here's my grading system for the top grade.. in ny its called the fire and is delivered to your apartment. It's usually grown in cali and shipped. The market aka demand is high enough in ny that they actually sell 2g for 50 down to even 1.6g for 50. You can find some better deals on zips and what not but generally speaking if you want a name brand, well grown, and tasty and amazing to smoke then you usually have to pay for it.

    1. Sour Diesel (less thc than the following, but to me it's the smoothest tasting downer high that gives you the munchies and makes you tired.)
    2. Og Kush (more uppity high, good for activities)
    3. Chem Dog (father of sour, a little harsher which usually always means more thc at this level)
    4. Head Band (cross between og and sour, actually makes you feel like you are wearing a head band)

    Beware of blue dream, bubba kush, and a few other cool sounding name bud. They tend to be closer to what me and my friends refer to as triple AAA beasters. Which is what people call hydro on this site.

    This may be an oversimplification but I would say my overall grading system is:

    1. Fire (this is a named bud that's well grown and cured)
    2. Headies (usually a name bud like the mentioned ones above)
    3. AAA Beasters That grade between headies/beasters that you can't quite call headies but has a better look and smell to it.
    4. Beasters (that grade where it has no seeds/stems but doesn't have any real value taste wise and the high is mediocre
    5. Schwag
    6. Dirt (I didn't think there was something below schwag until I got an oz for $20 of jamaican crap that was a bunch of sticks in a bag barely identifiable as tree)
  11. Gonna go from bottom to top

    1) Schwag. This is called thai in my area because it's grown by people traffickers from Thailand lol...

    2) Mids. Mids can range from crap to decent but is never that good, nice weights for your cash though. Mostly indica.
    General "Dutch" (amsterdam imports) are mids that people are chatting shit about.

    3) Headies - A nicer class of mids. Sativas, generally. Not even mad. Tends to be imported from the Dam in my area.

    4) Piff/Dank - Piff is the sickest haze. Shit has been glass jar cured with 2+ months to absolute perfection.
    Dank is the indica equivalent.

    5) Peng. This is a UK only term. Peng is the fire kush og haze loud whatever the fuck you wanna call it. :smoking:
  12. Swag/brick - lowest grade


    Headies/dank - highest grade flowers

    Then you get into concentrates, but that's for another day.
  13. Three years later my opinion has changed...mids shwag kb beasters blah blah should be used as a general term for how good it is...but it is impossible to just group all weed in 5 or 6 catagorys, I've gotten "mids" that's I gotten higher from than "dank" (going by what the dealer callin it) the dank looked better but the mids smoked better!

    There's so many different things to judge weeed about, mainly potency appearence and smell to most people, so treat each bud individually is the way I look at it.

    Sorry if that didn't make sense, lol
  14. It's more like this tbh


    Take sativa as acid and indica as alkaline.
  15. The fuck, I live in Australia and we do not have dealers with a range of quality for the most part, when I buy off someone I don't question the quality because it's always good, but if I wanted to I couldn't get any lower quality weed, it's not really available at all around here so it's crazy how many weird terms you guys are using to describe quality like KB and headies and shit
  16. is kb better than dro or no

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