Types of marijuana!

Discussion in 'General' started by g33kr4m, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. I'm not that familiar with the types of marijuana the guys on the site are talking about. It would help me out a lot if you can give me some pointers and some straines. That kind of stuff. Thanks!
  2. There a literally thousands of strains of marijuana, so most likely people are just using slang, if ya really wanna find out about different strains click the search button, there are loads of posts about this sorta thing.
  3. there are a lot of diffrent types of weed, and only the guy who grows it, knows for sure what kind of weed it is.........sometimes people make up names for stuff, to try to increase the price........try this site for all the strains www.cannagenetics.com ...........Peace out............Sid

  4. ditto... was just gonna post that link (thank's you for giving it in the past sid... its REALLY helpfull) but ya beat me too it....

    this site has pretty much anything your lookin for... good luck with gettin your learn on...:D
  5. Thanks a million guys!

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