types of hydroponic setups

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by 420manNE, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. hey... whats a better and easier hydroponic system to build/maintain -- Bubbler (DWC) or and Ebb and Flow ??
  2. HIGH All, I think the Bubble Buckets are the way to go. All you need is the Buckets (5gl) good air pumps, fert and lights. The ferts, pump and light is what will cost you money. After All these years growing I've never done Ebb and Flow. For me the BB's are the cats ass.
  3. I have tried a few different systems since I have started so far my favorite is the bubbler so simple and it basically takes care of it's self. I currently am testing all three Drip, bubbler, and ebb and flow. I am useing the same strand in each system. Each is getting the same light and same nutr. So far
    They all seem to be close to the same results except for small minor things. The roots in the bubbler are longer and stronger. The stems in the drip system are extremely strong and sturdy. Where as The only thing different in the ebb and flow is a larger fan spread. But not much... I would definately start with a bubbler and work your way up. Then when you've found your favorite method....Experiment changeing different
    things maybe the nutr. or lighting, or different grow mediums. I just set up a system tonight (11/7/03) that I will use to experiment with a combination bubbler and drip system. Sounds very complicated but I will enjoy the challenge...All of luck to you...

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