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  1. how come i never see any dealers that are into metal, or rock in general. i know one that is pretty cool, the rest ive met are all ghetto and use weird words for shit and type funny, that shits stupid, most of the time i cant relate cause i hate hip hop and rap. it would be cool to see more nice dealers who arent trying to act hardcore and tough with pants way to big for them.
  2. Just because you haven't met any doesn't mean there aren't any.

    And way to stereotype. You should grow up a bit.
  3. my last big dealer was into metal and whatever kinda music they play at drug festivals..

    it was weird he'd always play it when i came over..

    he was a cool dude but i couldn't stand his music.
  4. Dealers come in all shapes in sizes.

    My favorite dealer is my 2nd or 3rd cousin.

    It's dope when your friends with your dealer...
  5. your right, now that you told me that stereotyping is bad and that I should grow up I will!
    and im just pointing out its becoming a fad that kids turning out that way its retarded
  6. Worry about how you're turning out. Personally, I find metal to be a stupid music genre, and I think the way most metal heads look is pretty dirty, but I don't make it a point to rag on them, or even bring it up. I'm sure there are many on this very forum who would think the way you dress, the music you listen to, and the way you talk is retarded as well.

    Just saying. Your way of life is no more, or no less, "retarded" than anyone else's.
  7. some people dont like metal, thats cool its an acquired taste. but idc about your opinion lol
    i wear band shirts and jeans and i am nice to everyone, and shower daily. as with any subculture, life is not black and white. you should not say that a culture is not stupid just because one person you know who is in it isnt stupid. so what i am saying like i said earlier, i know one cool dealer, the rest i have noticed are like how i described. stupid hip hop artists with the robot voice and rap about girls being everywhere and stupid shit like that is retarded. you never see cool dealers anymore who arent ghetto.
  8. cause only real *****s can trap! period.... :smoke:

    Edit: wow, really? we cant say the n word anymore, what are we fuckin children?
  9. Obviously the whole point of my post went WAY over your head.

    And stop using the word ghetto. You clearly have no clue what it means and are using it in a derogatory fashion.
  10. Been like that on GC for a loooooonnnnnng while now. Where have you been lol
  11. dude ive finished college, i know what ghetto means, i know more then you. im using ghetto cause im not a politically correct guy. your post was general, so i feel the need to explain better for you :hello:
  12. lol i guess i just never said it. but i could have sworn other people have said it.:p
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    Glad you're taking it old school with the childish disses, but we'll let the content of your posts over the next few months decide whether what I bolded is true or not.

    So far, nope.
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    mate like your boy said dealers come in many different shapes, sizes & social backgrounds. anyone can be a dealer it just takes the motivation. some people don't smoke it and just collect the cash, others smoke and sell, some buy small amount and pass it on so that they can smoke for free. I know plenty different ones who listen to all kinds a music, some are all about being the big man dealer, others you can sit and chill with for hours & some are dodgy fucks useful as a last resort. maybe if your constantly surrounded by these dealers that you dont like you should try getting some new contacts and while your at it grow up cause them stereotypes your carrying around with you are probably gonna get you in the shit someday - with a bita luck anyway:D
  15. a know a couple metal dealers,
  16. this thread didnt get very far
  17. That is kinda stereotypical but I know what you mean. I know of plenty of dealers who like rock. I don't relate that well with people that listen to mostly rap and act "ghetto" especially the white ones. They seem to think drugs are just so cool and "I am the shit cause I sell weed." That is highly annoying to me.
  18. I've met dealers that like metal and shit. Just because YOU don't know any doesn't mean they don't exist.
  19. Translation:

    You make all smokers look bad.
  20. LOL, OP fails so badly.

    My new guy is awesome and is in his 2nd year here at school for business... doesn't look anything like you'd expect a dealer to.

    So, get off of that idea. ;)

    And although I won't contest where you went to college... Lukas is a very intelligent dude... so, like, make it a point to not argue with him over such trivial things...

    Good words of advice!

    EDIT: And just what does ghetto mean?

    And I believe it's "I know more THAN you", not "... more THEN you." Just saying.

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