Type Illuminati backwards into your address bar and add .com

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by gjdj2, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. And see the site that comes up...

  2. I hope you're joking... Otherwise stop being so gullible.
  3. That's really fucking interesting.
  4. Somebody just bought the domain name and then made it redirect to that site.
  5. satan must have bought a domain name and transferred its dns
  6. This has been discussed many times.

    Some random guy bought that domain name and made it to link NSA. Anyone can buy any domain and make it link anywhere.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. Somebody should buy a gay porn sounding domain and link it to GC, just 'cause
  9. Someone is trying to send us a message................did you guys just hear that?
  10. I'm looking at reddit and some guy recently bought the domain name WestboroBaptistChurch.xxx and they are talking about making it link to a pro-LBGT educational website.
  11. this thread is created every six months...

  12. i love the way you just cut thru the crap....:smoke:

  13. THANK YOU! I posted this exact thread before and someone emailed the guy

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