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type 1 diabetes..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by djames1021, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Hello grasscity =]

    First post, although I've been reading on these forums for a couple years.
    Finally came across a topic i feel to be postworthy! (I hope :p)

    I've been a type 1 diabetic since 12. Outta nowhere, my immune system destroyed the beta cells on my pancreas. So when i consume sugar/carbohydrates i am dependant on a subepidermically injectible hormone called insulin since my beta cells can no longer excrete it. The insulin attaches to cells in my blood which use the sugar in my blood for energy. Without the insulin (or exercise..) the sugar will just sit in your blood damaging organs and wreaking havoc on your body.

    ANYWAY.. when i turned 18 (only 3 years ago :D) i lived in california and had been smoking herb for a couple years. Decided getting my medical card was ideal, so i went and did it. My reason for needing it being the diabetes. I mean it was ridiculously easy to get my card, the doctor straight said to me in these words "i strongly suggest you smoke marijuana everyday." Lol, I'm definitely not complaining but i couldnt genuinely agree with him that smoking everyday is something to be recommended to a diabetic by a doctor.

    Why? Mostly munchies.. i used to defensively justify this by saying, "just munch on snacks with little to no carbs..." now, i dont know about you but i seriouslsy grub. Id be scarfing down veggie trays with sliced deli meat and some cheese etc.. haha.
    But really who doesnt wanna grub on some ice cream when youre faded? With some cake and a pizza with fries and a shake....

    Other than the munchie factor, dont know of any kind of scientific data claiming to have benefits for someone with type 1 (or even type 2 ) diabetes.

    What do you guys think? Itd be cool to hear of other diabetic tokers out there =)

    Holy crap, sorry for the long ass post!
  2. Welcome. Do a search in the medical section here and you'll find a number of topics on Diabetes (Type I for 32+ years here :wave:.)

    Granny Storm Crow's list is what you really want to have a look at. Broken down by medical condition and all the studies pertaining to it on how cannabis helps. :hello:
  3. its good for your eyes and your legs and may reduce your needs of insulin
  4. interesting I wondered what effects it has on insulin . Thats hilarious that your doctor told you to smoke everyday, that's a cool guy haha. If you eat clean you will never get the munchies for that crap. Ive been eating clean now for a couple years, as you should too with type 1 diabetes. All whole foods, lots of raw fruits and veggies for enzymes, dont be eating all the processed crap out there man that's what is doing damage on your body.
  5. Is your doctor aware of the connection between type 1 diabetes and celiac disease?
    Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease: Overview and Medical Nutrition Therapy
  6. ^ Yeah that's what I have, celiac disease, meaning your allergic to gluten. Me and my sister have it. My sister's vile was completely gone when she was checked out, which is the lining in your small intestine. If you don't stop eating gluten you will die young due to your organs shutting down. It effects everyone, but only some to this degree.
  7. Me too. :wave:

    My intestinal villi were pretty well gone also.

    Malnutrition and intestinal cancers from the irritation the gluten causes are the big side effects that I'm aware of.
  8. Type 1 for 25+ years, also astigmatism & stage 1 retinopathy in both eyes. My visual acuity has improved drastically (mostly at a distance) since starting MMJ. Couldn't say it's lessened my need for insulin since I'm also on an insulin pump (<3), but I've felt that I don't need to bolus (i.e. inject) as much as I used to prior to starting MMJ, and my overall blood sugars have been in much better control.
  9. Yeah so I'm type 1 also I'm 19 Ben since I was 8 did injections until about ayear ago I got the PUMP!!! I got my card in June 2011 and my a1c was at 8 roughly I never really checked my blod sugar maybe once a day? After I gt my card my a1c is at 6.9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Six point fucking nine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. But I do suffer from neuropathy cause when ur 8 all u want is candy god damn it but I regret all of it but you just got to keep on keepin on life's a garden you digg it and make it work

  11. What was your A1C growing up?
  12. 7-9 ranging I did have one that was 11. :/

  13. I had one that was 12 once but, now im around 7-8. I do believe marijuana lowers it though. also, have you ever noticed that it can tend to run your blood a little lower? Occasionally, when I blaze my sugars drop a bit
  14. Maybe a couple times but I thought it was placebo or me just being baked and forgetting to drink all my gatoraid lol that's cool to know that you notice a difference and I wasn't just a crazy person lol
  15. That's the pump, not the card. Believe me. Checking your bloodsugar more than once a day as well. Good to hear! :hello:

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