tylenol with codine

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ChronicSmoke420, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. i got some tylenol with coedine from the dentist, it is a prescription, my mom hasnt picked it up yet so i dont know the does but how many mg's would it take for me to get a little high
  2. A lot. Seriously, it's an opiate but don't bother unless you do a CWE (look it up). Otherwise just use it for your pain, it's really weak.
  3. ok noted at least i have pain so theres a reason to use it
  4. dont fuck around with it, you'd need a lot. its got such a low dose they call it Tylenol 3, I got some when I seperated my shoulder playing lacrosse an i must be allergic to Codine becuase I went into shock after 4 dose in 1 day. thats my personal experiance with the pill.
  5. if you have 2 or greater, it's worth it. if you have tylenol 1's, they only have 15mg, totally worthless. I'm not sure about the 2's, google it, but 3 or 4's are recreationally viable, especially if you have no opiate tolerance. I would suggest 120mg or 150mg, for a first time user. Gets me right fucked. Maybe 90mg, in fact, if you actully want to DO anything while on it.
  6. Shenanigans. I can, and have, driven on 16mg of Dilaudid. If you can handle your shit opiates are, IMO, less impairing than alcohol.
  7. need to take 4 of the tyl/cod #3's or 2 of the tyl/cod#4's, both ways equals 120 mg of codeine. i have been taking 2 of the 4's twice a day since 1996. :hello::hello::hello:
  8. codeine is a very pleasant opiate high,an you can nod off it in high doses,if you don't have much of a tolerance,take like 400mgs,an do a cwe to get all the apap out,but yea 400mgs will have you feeling nice
  9. They aren't too strong at all. I've had them before.

    If that's what they give me when I get my wisdom teeth out I'm going to be heated.

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