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Tylenol 3 and codeine

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by lman_15, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. ok last night i was goin threw a drawer and came upon what seems to be Tylonal 3 on the package it says (it was in a prescription bottle)

    Tyenal with codeine
    Acetamin comp w Cod 30mg

    i asume the Cod 30mg means Codeine 30 mg's

    the pills are white about the size of an altoid but not as thick and have the number 3 on one side...

    i heard from some friends 3 will mess me up since i've never done it before will 3 of the pills do the job or no??? and is this tylenol 3??? also is it pretty same thing to do???
  2. Do the extraction first. I started at two and moved up to four. I think 120mg is a good dose for a moderate user. 60mg is good for beginners.

    But yeah, if you really want to take four, read up first. Then do the extraction. And fudge it a little. Instead of four do the extraction on like 4 1/2. Then you end up with about 125mg of codeine and no APAP.

    Oh, and be careful. Erowid has extraction techniques. When I first tried it, I spilled pure codeine into my carpet and my dog licked a little up. Not a whole lot, but she just rolled over with her tongue hanging out and slept for like 16 hours.
  3. lol... but would it be ok to just take 3 pills or would that be dangerous??? also could i take 2 or 3 pills and then smoke a J or no???
  4. i had the same pills as you. 30mg codeine Tylenol 3's. i crushed up 5 and smoked a couple bowls, felt really fucked up. almost completely numb and i couldnt keep my eyes open or even talk... yeah, taking three and smoking a j would probably be a good amount... definitely wont be overwhelming...
  5. what does the APAP do??? is there enough APAP in 3 or 3.5 pills to do anything too bad to me??? do you chew them or swallow them whole??? also if i take 3 or 3.5 pills am i gauranted to feel something or is this like weed were the first time you don't always feel it???

    also since you said you could smoke it could i just mix some pill with some weed and role it up and smoke it or is that havardis to my health???

    and last question can tylonel 3 expirer??? cuz the stuff i found around 2 or 3 years old
  6. I"m not really sure if he ment that he smoked it. I think he might have ment that he crushed it up and parachuted it. I remember reading a post of his a while back and he was talking about how he parachuted tylenol 3's. To parachute a pill, you crush it up and put it in a little piece of toilet paper and twist the end of it then swallow it with some water. This is a pretty effective way of doing painkillers because it's absorbed into your body faster than just swallowing them.

    But, if you're like me, and don't feel comfortable swallowing paper... then I would suggest just to break each pill in half and swallow them in halves. This way, it is absorbed into your body faster than swallowing them whole. If it's your first time, then I would suggest to take 2 1/2 or 3. If you are experienced with painkillers , and you feel comfortable taking 4, go for it.

    As for smoking with codeine, it is a must! Smoking on any painkiller is a must (at least for me)! When I do any painkiller, I eat them, wait about ten minutes and then smoke a bowl or joint, preferably a joint. By the time you're done smoking, you just feel sooo damn good.

    The last thing I have to say is, DON"T CRUSH IT UP AND LACE IT ON WEED! It's a waste. Just eat them. If they were ment to be smoked, then people who need them would be smoking them. Just eat them.

    Edit: As far as the APAP goes, you should be fine with taking 4. You could take 5 and be fine, but I wouldn't recommend that unless you're experienced with painkillers.
  7. ^
    yeah, i didnt smoke the pills. if you dont want to swallow paper, you could always just mix the crushed powder with some water and drink that down. but yeah, uglyinfidel is right, make sure to smoke a bowl or two afterwards. APAP referring to acetaminophen APAP is a weaker painkiller which works along side with the codeine. you have to watch the levels of acetaminophen your injesting, high dosages over extended use can lead to liver problems. i bet the pills you have are 30/300; 30mg codeine and 300mg acetaminophen. you'll be fine with up to 5 of them im sure. long term use at those levels might have some negative results though...i weigh 155 pounds btw.
  8. ok thanks for all the usefull info... this is probubly my last question... can tylonel 3 expire??? because the suspcription is around 2 or 3 years old so would it be a waste or still good??? and for my first time 3 or 3.5 pills and a J would be good???
  9. i used a whole bottle that was over a year expired, didnt kill me...

    take three and a half if thats your limit, and smoke that jay a couple minutes later...
  10. that shit can tbe very healthy
  11. no, habitual abuse of painkillers is not healthy, but if you hardly ever use them you dont have anything to worry about. liver damage is the only detrimental side effect, and thats only a problem if you're taking large amounts reguarly...

    all in all, nothing you do is very healthy. infact, typing on this keyboard is slowing inflicting arthritis and carpltunnel syndrom onto me, not to mention the radiation coming off my monitor, or the cell phone im talking on giving me brain tumors, how about me breathing in all the dust and bacteria in the air?? have fun while you still can...
  12. last night i took 4 apap/codeine-300/30mg and got nothing really. actually after a couple hours i felt like i was more aware of sound, but i don't know if that was in my head. i also felt itchy, but not numbing feeling.. besides in my mouth :p lol... i did that parachute method. i had a double layer of toilet paper lol tho i don't thin that woulda made a difference. i weight in at 240 lol, should i take more? i read about that extract method should i just do that?
  13. promythazin(sp?) is better mix it with sprite remix and u have LEAN
  14. you should smoke some bud afterwards.. i wont hardly feel anything if i take them by themselves, but after a bowl or two you really start feeling it...
  15. slap me if im wrong but isnt tylenol 3 hydrocodones?
    sorry;..im too stoned to just look it up.

  16. ::slap::


    Anyway... If you didn't feel 120... You are out of it.
  17. ok well since i'm taking 3.5 of my 5 tylenol 3 pills i have... could i take the other 1.5 and some other OTCD's that containe codeine and extract it??? also would it be ok if i put the OTCD's and the tylenol 3 in the same pot when extracting it???
  18. hey bro, i use the same pills all the time. if you're going to take the pills, 3 will do the trick. you could smoke some bud after too, you'd be feeling pretty fucked up though. however, i really enjoy crushing the pills and sprinkling some powder over a nice bowl...it makes the pill last longer. you don't use as much, but you still feel the effects of the pill. i say just experiment man, but definitely smoke a bowl with some codeine on top bro, it's one of my favorites.
  19. yeah for real cuddie stay on that sizzurp.
    but cuz im under 18 how can i get tha promethazine?

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