tying the knot. oh man.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by highlif, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. whats up blades?

    well the title to the thread is correct, i'm finally tying the knot to my girlfriend of 3 years. i popped the question the other day to her and she said yes :hello:
    the weddings gonna be probably in june or july, we want to do a destination wedding with only close family and friends. shes a cool girl, down to smoke and chill but still has her priorities in line. anyways just felt like posting, smoke on :smoke:
  2. i was all ready to come into this thread and be like "omg don't do it"

    but seeing how excited you are, congratulations! i hope your destination wedding goes according to plan and that you have a beautiful marriage!
  3. do a cruise.
    5 days

    best 5 days of your life

    & congratulations
  4. Fa'sho, have her cruising on your ship for 5 days straight... all hot and steamy, if you know what I'm saying..:rolleyes:
  5. Congrats man! Sounds like you got yourself a real lady there. Where you guys thinking about going?
  6. Like everyone posted before, congrats big homie! I married my love 3 years ago and it's been great! My best smoking buddie,lover, and partner. If the relationship is right they can be the ost coolest people you ever come in contact with. Love her with everything you have and you will get it in return. Me and mines share a love of rollercoasters, tats,good weed,gangster movies,good music,and clothes.We are best of friends.

    Don't sweat the small shyt.Everyone has they're differences but study the things you have in common.Last but not least never go to sleep mad at each other.You never know when you will take your last breath.If i lost my other half I'd be fuqqed in the game.If the love is real let them know it everyday.You can never tell someone you love them enough.It never gets old.

    Last but not least love her like you love yourself.Never do anything you wouldnt do to you.You'd be surprised how far this last piece of advice has carried me.

  7. How old are you?

    Just curious....
  8. Congratulations, man. Have a fun and productive life.
  9. turning 26 in march, shes 24

    thinking about going to thailand actually, place called phuket
  10. Congratulations! Where is the destination going to be?
  11. thats awesome man. congratulations! great news!
  12. Congrats dude, sounds like you've got a great girl there. Actually, I'm getting married in the next year too. Good luck to you guys! and +rep.

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