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  1. So my plants are starting to wilt due to the weight of the buds on them.

    Unfortunately due to my newbie setup I have to remove the trays they are sitting in to get rid of the run off water.

    I have tied some up already but they get stretched when the pots are removed and don't want to rip the stems

    What could I use to support them now?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. I think I understand what you mean.. you need a solution so your pots dont sit in the runoff and so you dont have to move the pots every time to empty them?

    Either get a wet vaccum or some of these and just let the runoff evaporate.. a warning for evaporating, it will add to your tents humidity. Wetvac recommended..

    Heres a link to a pot raiser, just put it in the drip tray and it raises the pot away from the water

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  3. Oh you were asking how to secure them better because you move the plants a lot.. then the best bet is just to stake the pots.. buy bamboo or steel or whatever garden stakes and insert 3-4 into the pot around the plant. Stay away from the walls of the pot because roots grow outwards and spiral around the wall of the pot, less damage. Dont worry about sticking the stakes in the roots will be fine.

    However I would recommend to just get a wetvac and not move them at all

    The better options for if you dont have to move the plants are plant yoyos for vertical standing plants that are falling over.
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  4. I use a very basic system with a board angle with two wedges to level the pot all the water runs off into a bucket

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  5. Hi there, I hope you don't mind me getting in on this chat. But I'm new to this and I'm really struggling to work out how it all works.
    I'm looking for some advice on my plants. It's my first grow and has gone great, but I think I got my timing wrong and put them on to the 12/12 cycle for flower late, and now they're too tall, and I'm not sure what to do.
    I'm thinking I need to bend them over and tie them off so they don't get burnt, but when I try it, I'm not confident enough and worry I'm blocking the lower buds.
    Any help and advice will be really appreciated, and any tips on how to get my questions out to the community on here will be brilliant.
    Thanks and sorry again for butting in and troubling you.
  6. How long have they been on 12/12
  7. They've been on 12/12 for exactly 6 weeks, I'm keeping a calendar. Fortunately I think the upward growth has stopped. But I have another issue now. There is a lot of dead and dying leaves needing to be removed pretty much every day. Is this normal?
    Also, after noticing a big swathe of bushy, buddy growth, from most of the plants, was not getting enough light, and it being perfectly positioned for me to stick up another light, right above it. I did, thinking it was a great idea an would enable the bushy bits overflowing from their main plants, to get on an really bulk up.
    After only 24 hours I returned to find one plant pretty much dead and the others drooping, discoloured and looking terrible. The grow room was almost unbearably hot for me. It just so happened that it was the hottest day of the year that day, so I couldn't get any cool air from anywhere.
    I took the 5th light down instantly, removed all the dead leaves, and gave them loads of water, not feed. After removing the dead plant, I hacked it right back to like a quarter of its original size, and found that it was still alive. It's back up with the rest of them now.
    Was the problem the heat? What else could it be, is there anything that I'm not doing or should be doing? I'm a beginner and absolutely any help and advice would be great.
  8. Did you take any photos..its hard to tell without them but it sounds like heat was a major factor but leaves dying is definitely normal for the most part

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  9. why is there so much run off? i leave the run off in the tray and it is usually absorbed by the end of the day. pics of the setup? maybe there are a few simple changes experienced growers can spot to make the whole grow better and easier.
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