tying a normal wet bud, the way a thai stick bud is tied???

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by chicken, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. i was thinking ,, and i aint read'' nothing'' on this subject,,, but ill have some dandy buds in about 55 days,,, now a thai stick bud is tied up and compressed,,,,, if i took one of my or alll,,, of my buds and tied them tight with fishing line while they were drying,,,, and checked every 4 days to retighten it,,,,,if when totally dry after about 6 retightens,,,, if it will be one compressed bastard,,,,,, just a thought what youll think....:eek:
  2. yeh fair enough, but whats the point? it wont improve potency taste or yield, and youll have a hella job cracking into them when theyre dried and cured. thai sticks are only compressed because they need to be smuggled, and the compression allows them to transport more sticks in one go. it also makes for easier street sales. so i say, itll work, but unless your a smuggler/dealer, why bother??
  3. i was just thinking of giving the bud a different apperance thats all,,, making it supertight,,,, people around here are so blind to different strains of pot,,,they all get that mexican weed and think its the bomb,,,, shit makes me choke,,,,i was just thinking of that and making some hash,,,, something else noone in this town is hipp about,,,,just something a little diff. than the norm. thats all
  4. then i say go for it! you wont get anything from it, but if its just an experiment as you said, you have nothing to lose! and when you harvest, MAKE those poor people smoke some of your good weed! i hate that mexican stuff, remember when thats all my dealer had for like a month. probs the worst month of my life LOL. is it me or does it seem to get you a lil heady and then you smoke more and more but it just starts going? like trying to hold onto sand......
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  5. ya i dont see much of a point but it should deffinalty work.... id go with the hash thing hash is the bomb!
  6. well were in day 13 of flowering just some thoughts i had rolling around in my head for this stuff when its done.......peace to all of u
  7. you shouldve done a journal man. or dont you have a cam? id love to see your plants as im only 1 day ahead of you in flowering,always nice to be growing side by side with someone :smoking: check ya later!
    Just Blaze It.....
  8. no i dont have a cam. right now.... im trying to get acess to one thru some friends but so far none has showed up with one,,,,:(
  9. Actually thai sticks were done that way for a different purpose. My fellow buddies from OG have probably heard of it. You can take a thai stick and coat it in BHO (butane honey oil) and wrap dried cannabis leaves around it and let it dry for a killer blunt. Pull the stick out to leave a small hole going through the length of it and you have the best hitting blunt you will EVER smoke. That hole makes it rip very smooth.


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