two youths turned up at my house for trouble!

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    hi every one ! had a mad excperience out side my house.(this is true no internet bs,as i once read on here someone saying there life is to fullfiling for them to have to bullshit!well the same applys to myself)well her goes im at home today just pottering about the house and my boy comes rushing in the house in a very freaked out and scared state!so i automaticaly ask him wots wrong!so he tells me hes been playing soccer down the playing fields with his mates and these older lads come and join in and suggest that they should all have abet of £5 and play each other!so like idiots my kid and his friends agree! so they start playing and at some point theres an argument about the rules!so long story short these older lads accuse my son and friends of cheeting and say they wont the £5 of every one which turns out to be about £40!so my son and friends no and start to leave! one of the older lads grabs my sons friend and punches him!so my boy punches this older lad and him and all his friends scatter and run my boy is telling me this there is a massive bang and a small pain of glass smashes on my front door at this time my dog who is chained up out side in the front yard starts barking like mad as i run to my window i see to youths about 18 or 19 standing in my front yard!they see me and start shouting"GET OUT HERE YOU WANKER"and at that one throws a brick at my house and the other throws a brick at my dog and hits him! i just seen red and grabbed my sons cricketbatt and ran out the door! i dont know what they were excpecting but obviously not that! as they turned and ran and in there pannic both tryed to get through th gate at the same time,obviousley they cant both get through at the same time and one pushes the other out the way and gets through but he pushed the other so hard that the other falls over just as i get to the gate! i gave this lad the biggest beating of his life! i just rained down on him with kicks and blows from the batt! ive heard of the saying "getting the shit beat out of you" well thats excactley wot id did to him! when id finnished he had actually shit in his pants the smell was discusting so bad i couldnt go near him so i just said get the fuckoff my property he claimed that he couldnt move and then started screaming for i said id get him help and went to get the dog who by this time is going mad he soon pulled him self up and half dragged half fell through the gate! at this stage it was dawning on me what id done and went in to see if my son was ok!he was he said he didnt see anything but heard it he didnt wont to look so went to his room! i now feel real bad that my son was there and heard me beat the shit out of someone!but i dont feel bad about beating the dickhead!after ringing around some of my sons friends ive found out that these two wankers are 19 and 20! my son is only 15 and his friends are about 12 and 13! this happend about 3 hrs ago and there still has been no police but if they do turn up ive got a good argument and also wittness!so ther it is sorry for going on and if anyone is interested ill keep u updated on any events! still cant belive they were 19 and 20!:mad:p.s the dog is cool just a bit shookup and i cant find any thing wrong with him!since writing this lots of masterbators have felt the need to post coments about my spelling gramer etc so i feel the need to say that im dyslexic and there for never finnished high school(dyslexia was not even known about back in the day )so this is the reason for my lack of grammer etc[/so after u have read this and still feel the need to neg me out then u r just showing wot a twat u are many thanks for sticking with me this far byeCOLOR]
  2. *a wild wall of text appears*
    *wall of text does 9999 damage*
    *Thread dies, Game over*
  3. Well, you do have a good arguement, seeing as how they were over age, beating children. And they're of the age to where you won't have anything to worry about, self defense, and they fucked with your property.
  4. I quit reading after the 5th sentence of bullshit.
  5. I agree with you, ass beating seems right to me. hows the dog?
  6. why dank is your life so dull every body else must lead one as well! i bet if i went through your posts u say that alot! still live at home with mum?never mind be bed time soon!make sure you brush your teeth and wash behind them ears;)
  7. Lol, if MY life is so dull why would YOU sit down and take the time to write that...
  8. the dogs cool thanks wont be letting him out the front any more just in case!:(
  9. because my little american cusion shit like that dont happen that often.and as this is a forum to do such a thing.oops is that mummy calling go on off you go ull only get in trouble;)
  10. very true but now its over im sitting here paranoid that theres going to be come back!:(
  11. I would read this if there was paragraphs..
  12. sorry i was so vexed getting it down i just rushed through it ill sit down when ive time and sort that one of those that has to put it down to sort it out in my head!other wise it just races around!plus being dyslexic dont help!
  13. what?
  14. I do agree^^^ it should be a little more reader friendly:wave:
  15. I tried, man. I really, actually tried.

    But I am so high, and that extended sentence/paragraph you wrote is completely illegible.

    Hmm... A word I never imagined I'd use in reference to computer text.

    Maybe a 2nd draft is in order? The story sounds interesting enough to merit it.
  16. ok ok ill sort it but have to be tomoz as its 1.00am over here and im of to bed as ive work so bye bye dont smoke to much and if u do dont get caught! or u might end up in prison! and we all know what happens in american prisions!:eek:lol he he;)
  17. i will but it was racing around in my head!shit its not often i have to run outside and give it to some one whos attacking my home!:D
  18. True that man! lol

    I'd probably be just as wired as you! Fuck that hooligan nonsense. :p

    There's just no place for it.
  19. I dont even think you would get in trouble....there were kids throwing bricks at your house and your dog and they were banging on your door. police would probably let you go because you could argue u feared for you and ur sons life and was just acting in self defence.

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