two words: Ben Harper

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  1. i love him. especially his collaborations with Jack Johnson. it is some pretty chill stuff, not gonna lie. I reccommend With My Own Two Hands.

    any other opinions? fans?
  2. Yeah I got introduced to a collab with Jack Johnson the other day it was pretty badass. Name some that you know cuz I've only heard one myself. My favorite Harper songs are:

    The Drugs Don't Work
    Gold to Me
    Burn One Down
    Jah Work
  3. i like burn one down alot
  4. jack johnson

    ben harper

    two words:

    sappy bullshit
  5. hah wow, someones very opinionated

    care to respect others' taste in music for awhile maybe? no one likes a music nazi my friend.
  6. [​IMG]

    ben harper is amazing, he's so chill, and down to earth i respect that
  7. Both Sides of the Gun is one of the best funk songs to just jam too. Hahah I love Ben Harper though, very relaxing, very chill, I can get into Jack Johnson too, and the collaborations are just really cool. :smoke:
  8. ....also ben has some pretty good songs with pearl jam

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