Two weeks to harvest? question for yall

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by buckethead129, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. ok so i had 5 plants, one jus seemed to stay very small, and mature mucchhh faster then the rest, so that has since been harvested, and used as a guinea pig, if you will for where I'm at. i can see a mix of cloudy, and clear, and some amber.. mostly clear n amber tho. Am i right that i read some where trichomes can start out  a brownish color?, before even going cloudy? I'm ay 6 weeks from flower. Sativa dom. so ima let go at least 8, maybe 10 if needed. but i can tell you, the only dried, and uncured bud of the one that i DID smoke some of already, got me baked as HELL!! the come up had that little bit of anxiety racey heart beat, but faded into a great mind n body stone. i think it coulda gone mate ONE more week, in my experience, being way too in patient in grows past, i harvested early, with mostly clear trichs, and it was very racey...  theres a decent amount of these brown/amber colored trichs on 1 of my fattest kolas, but the rest are clear, i can't seem to see any apaque or cloudy ones.... any info here? iv been all over the web trying to find answers, so this is my last resort always.. 
    when in doubt, wait a week. i guess. lol


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