Two weeks into flowering and then this

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  1. My first grow and I'm about to cut down my plant but before I do I wanted a second opinion, afraid of the outcome. My plant is female, it's got white stringy pistils growing on each stem. Two weeks into flowering and today I noticed this .. see pic

    I pinch it off and squeezed it, saw some powdery substance probably pollen come off it. Its definitely a female plant but found two of these on different branches. I didn't see any others, anyone have this experience ? Nothing I can do to save it ?Is it an hermaphrodite ?


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  2. I’d search plant every night for them. If ya see brown hairs in next week ya know it got pollinated in that area.
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  3. Not a very good photo to make a determination.
  4. If you don't have other plants why cut it? Seeded pot is better than zero pot.
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  5. I have three other plants so I need to be careful. I went through the whole plant and I haven't found anymore pollen sacs. I pruned the plant a bit just so I can more easler inspect it going forward, I'll keep a careful eye on it.
    Just wondering if anyone else has experience something like this and what would be the best course of action . I can wait until I see more and take new pics of them.
  6. Is this a better photo ? Can we confirm if its a pollen sack ?

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  7. Confirmed.
  8. I also noticed some white pistils so I think this plant has been pollinated I think..

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  9. okay then it's what I suspected . I have another plant that is not flowering yet so I can kill this one.. So far 7 plants 4 male , 1 dead , two left ... wish me luck
  10. I agree with Cactus Ed

    But definitely start picking the male flowers off each day they appear.
  11. I'll just cut it down not chance it.
  12. The bugle player will be playing Taps for your plant at sunset.
  13. Meh ppl go nuts over herms but I have yet to see them actually make seeds. Maybe one or two. Maybe I don’t have as much wind or it happens too late in the process but rarely do they produce anything like what ppl say. At least my experience.

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  14. Maybe but my first time grow I don't want to come up with nothing although my bucket grow is doing really well, crystals forming on the buds and all.
  15. The deed is done , it is cut down :-( feels terrible spent a few months taking care of it. Another one of my plants just started drooping for no known reason .. cut that one down as well. One left in the garden and one bucket grow left
  16. Sounds as if you practice the attrition approach to plant propagation!
  17. Decided this year to use fem seeds, white widow below.. I grew two of them , the split in half after rain storm so I cut it in half but its suffering from Aphids and I used soapy water , probably too strong and burnt some leaves. Not sure anything will come out of it.

  18. Last year grow produced lots of bud but I had to chop her down early at least 3 weeks .. Due to rain and mold. Turned out okay, not the strongest bud but decent.
    Two plants last year Indica strain unknown.

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